Torso Sculpture - The Process

Well it’s been a while since I did this sculpture and it is something that I really didn’t gain to much confidence in (sculpture as a whole) but I’ve loaded an image which prompted some questions about it’s process.

That in itself I think might be quite interesting to some.

So it started with a well know sculpture of a female seated torso. Many of you may be familiar with it but for the life of me I can’t find an image of it for you.
(If anybody knows of it or can find me an image that would be great).

Firstly when faced with a sculpture project I started with quick sketches of the object from different angles.
This helps me consider and remain conscious that I have a three dimensional object with volume.
Here are those preliminary sketches.

From here I constructed the sculpture, here are my notes;

1. Tin Strips – cut into approximately 1 inch strips
2. Series of hoops made;
. Neck
. Chest
. Waist
. Hip
. Arms x 2
. Legs x 2
3. Vertical lengths made
. Centre Back
. Sides x 2
. Breast Front to legs x 2
4. Shoulder Straps to attach arms
5. Buttocks

All pieces joined with pop rivets and tin strips shaped to appropriate body shape.

I wanted to keep it minimal and was weary not to get an armored look so I tried to follow the most important lines as in the construction of a life figure drawing.

Here is the photograph of the finished sculpture;

I think its lines and volume would be great as a subject to draw so that is what I did after the sculpture was completed.

Here is that drawing;

You may notice that I have used the photograph as reference for the drawing, this is probably cheating.

So the initial image I loaded had gone through all these processes and developed further digitally.

Here is also another drawing of the same original sculpture in a digital composite.

Quite a journey based on one piece of art.

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