Southern Printmakers Association "Earthwriting" is here!!

It’s always exciting when a long coming exhibition comes together and is finally up.
We are very lucky at SPA to have some very talented and celebrated printmakers in our midst, least of which are Ann Baxter, Robyn Waghorn and Laura Stark not to mention the very talented and up and coming Dior Mahnken.

These artists set a high standard to which all of our members exhibiting live up to and the result is a very professional exhibition.

This exhibition has allowed us to showcase our wonderful history of 30 years and also enabled us to show the public some of the processes involved in printmaking.

If you are able to come and visit the exhibition I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

Here is the invitation once again (details via the link)


Southern Printmakers Association Earthwriting Exchange Print

In commemoration of 30 years, our members have combined to produce twelve unique prints. Each print, in an edition of 15 have been exchanged amongst our members and collected by our association.

The prints were all created using varying printmaking techniques including, lino cut, screen print, collagraph and are all produced entirely by hand.

Southern Printmakers Association – 1978 to 2008

The SPA, in our 30th year believed it was important to reflect back on our achievements in printmaking and involvement with our community. It was with pride and enthusiasm that we lent our wholehearted support behind the creation of Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre in the Sutherland Shire.
To celebrate this our Association got together to produce three sets of exchange prints that would for all time commemorate the evolution of Hazelhurst.
We would like to acknowledge Sutherland Shire Council for their kind contribution by allowing us to show their copy of Dents Creek Hazelhurst – 1998 and for their continued support of our association and exhibitions by granting us The Community Arts Grant.
We would also like to acknowledge Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre and its’ staff for their continued support.
The three prints, from top to bottom, document the different stages in the creation of Hazelhurst as see through our printmakers’ eyes.

Dents Creek Hazelhurst – 1998

Hazelhurst Reconstruction – 1999

Hazelhurst from the Inside – 2000


Southern Printmakers Association – Annual Exchange of Postcard Prints

Each year our Association, through Robyn Waghorn facilitates an international postcard exchange where reproducible edition postcards are sent to us, sorted and exchanged to the participants with 10 unique postcards. This is our collection of postcards received from all over the world.



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