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The Butterfly (and Moth) Cookbook

Collected by May Lattanzio

NO! We are not cooking butterflies and moths here!

The comments on my photograph of the Red-Spotted Purple Butterflies feeding on pears, led me to some interesting recipes for potent delectables.

Years ago in a National Geographic presentation on the Amazon, a lepidopterist fermented a nasty brew to lure rainforest lepidoptera in order to photograph them. He took great glee in announcing that the secret ingredient was urine…his!

Caveats: Butterflies and moths succumb easily to fungal infections, so clean utensils and surfaces well. A glass table in a sunny spot would be easy to clean. The Cockrell Butterfly House uses simple feeding stations consisting of a red plastic plate on a simple pedestal, with a sponge in the center and overripe fruit.

Secondly, yo…