I am a freelance writer, book author, poet and photographer located in the deep south of northwest Florida.

A frequent contributor to nature sites on the web, I enjoy getting out in my kayak. Between now (February) and April, when the bull gators start mating I hope to paddle a little further into the swamp and do some bird photography. I am watching bald eagles refurbish an old osprey nest, and I’ve discovered some new beaver chews up the creek. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Update January 2014. What a shock in June. Breast cancer! Only 4 more chemos to go then radiation. Ladies – do NOT forget your yearly mammograms. I missed 4. It’s not worth it. 10/14 Doing fine and in remission. 11/14 One more treatment to go! Now I’m cancer free, carrying my camera daily.

Of course, you know that I own the copyrights to all writing and photography on this and other sites. Please ask for permission and don’t hijack my work.

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The Butterfly (and Moth) Cookbook

Collected by May Lattanzio / NO! We are not cooking butterflies and moths here! / The comments on my photograph of the Red-Spotted Purple Butterflies feeding on pears, led me to some interesting recipes for potent delectables. / Years ago in a National Geographic presentation on the Amazon, a lepidopterist fermented a nasty brew to lure rainforest lepidoptera in order to photograph them. He took …
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