Sunrise till Sunset


Sunrise to a new day and my brown eyes are wide for the hope of finding a new way
Pray that today isn’t like yesterday; a burnt page looking for a new flame
Your violet voice took my mind away from the violence that was in my veins
Vibrant like the colors in an iris, your eyes of silence were what my science could not explain

Cherry blossoming love was a surrender for which I had grown to be afraid
For the fear we would come to fruition like dandelions; grown to be blown away
So I took due caution in creating the play; act one scene kiss like they’re all the same
My heart my stage; you’re love was never a performance that I could afford to leave played

Yet you saw past my exterior to the truth, the essence of youth that learned to be safe
And I saw me in you; more than the diamonds around your neck and Louie V shades
We lay together in the sand; hand in hand on those sun kissed days in which we swayed
No longer afraid I’d die without flowers on grave; you saved me from a life that’d only seen blame

White like orchids in me like cocaine, your love replaced the drugs in my veins
Mountain laurel lips taste like candy canes, the snow fell around us just as June’s rain
Bound together through the pain, we are all we’ve dreamed for like freedom to a slave
Take my hand forever, together we can runaway because your courage allows me to be brave

So till the sun sets on our love just know you are more meaningful than words can explain
I look forward to tomorrow’s sunrise waking with you in my arms – blessed to be unchained


Promiscuous sunset surrendering another day
Apollo’s chariot ablaze; the gentle sways of the sun’s rays
Your wrath is scattered on my path but your warmth carries me away
Mountainous terrain yet I still ascend to your pedestal of July rain

Golden woven hues of those chosen melt our ice, which once was frozen
Your holding a moment stolen of mine but time can’t be broken
Your eccentric touch electric; I circle you, our dance concentric
The sun kissed lesson you taught me then, sticks: trusted egocentric

Feign going against the grain, fallen waterfalls and desolate deserts drain
The fluidity of life; masked to be mundane as the cocaine filters through my vein
Mint juleps in the breeze the ease in which the mist formed between our two lips
Intangible and fleeting like silence in our breathing: a garden of ambrosia and tulips

Parallel in our existence and yet we touch reminiscent of our distance
I was persistent and you resistant, but nothing else in our lives was this consistent
Steady insistent light of distant stars; I wish upon what you were and what we are
We are grains of sand on a beach falling one by one in an ocean inside a jar

Firefly midnight when pink and orange turn to deep violet blackness
In the skylight of twilight; take this present as a gift and unwrap it
So tomorrow noon’s brightness is lavender and amethyst as we face it and persist
Waking up to the sunrise life in your eyes; precious moments as we embrace it and kiss

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I put these together sort of like a poetry diptych if you will :)

Much love




  • Euan Thorburn
    Euan Thorburnover 4 years ago


  • thanks so much mate !

    – S .

  • Erika Tirado
    Erika Tiradoover 4 years ago

    Vibrant like the colors in an iris, your eyes of silence were what my science could not explain

    One of your most beautiful poetry… I remember the second piece. I think you should write more like this. Such beautiful imagery and emotion expressed.

  • ohhhh thanks so much erika you def have a good memory
    always love how you show me which lines connect with you the most
    thank you my friend :)

    – S .

  • umbra
    umbraover 4 years ago

    the two as diptych increase the whole….

  • synergistic
    thank you .. thats how i was viewing it as well

    – S .

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 4 years ago

    They belong together….

    Rich in body and colour
    Life, love and the whole universe..

  • i m not sure why this didnt come together sooner.. i think i was looking to take more poems down and then the idea just popped into my head :) thanks so much lisa you lovely gal

    – S .

  • aaeiinnn
    aaeiinnnover 4 years ago

    oh you lovel romantic soaib you
    xx annie

  • ahhhh lol shhhhh
    your not supposed to tell everyone !!!

    – S .

  • Christie  Moses
    Christie Mosesover 4 years ago

    Together these two shine….so vibrant and full of romance and love. What a tremendous piece of writing. The images this brings to mind is like warm summer rain. Sweet and refreshing. xoxo

  • awww wow i love the way you see this .. and yah i was def feeling like this … just being sun soaking in the rain, high, and in love

    – S .

  • Rhenastarr
    Rhenastarrover 4 years ago

    So many colorful journeys between the sunrise and sunset. You my friend express me into the collected rainbow of your flowing words, truly like sands through an hourglass of superlative emotive wordcrafting. Brilliant as always!

  • thanks so much dear.. these 2 were written almost 2 years apart… and sunrise was written after
    but its nice to see them come full circle here
    thank so much you giant ball of inspiration !

    – S .

  • frogster
    frogsterover 4 years ago

    Nicely done

  • thanks so much larry

    – S .

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 4 years ago

    how deeply inspired you are. you words are so rich of colors and seasons and all of life’s beauty that equal one thing – the most important thing – love. you write as if you are so beguiled my heart melts. stunning work – breathtaking. I could have read forever. xoxoxo

  • thanks dear .. yah i went a bit descriptive here .. i tend to shy away from the overly colorful and beautiful imagery but hey … sometimes you just gotta do it … with my own twist of course :) much love

    – S .

  • marieangel
    marieangelover 4 years ago

    Just love your style content and flow of your writes a true gift of words spoken about the usually unspoken……subliminal write also that we delve deep to find and always we are left wanting….you mentor many,,,,,,THANK YOU …

  • wowwww angel i m always floored by the way you take my writing .. means a lot to me
    i m not sure about the mentor thing but hey one never knows how others can get inspired by words and learn from them .. thats part of why i love reading the work here so much.. its always a learning experience :)

    – S .

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