The shoaib equation of love

N =® * [fp] * [ne] * [fl] * [fi] * [fc] * [L]
The realistic chance that intelligent life is exists
N =® * [rf] * [rs] * [rl] * [rm] * [rz] * [P] * [X]
The realistic chance that you and I will love each others kiss

And the reality of it is that we are in the midst
Between where probability and true love exists
No one wants to know more than one admits
And I confess I’m still showing you how it fits
The one thing Drake left out of his was risk
So here it is, the real chance that you will find my lips
So when you are in the midst of chaos and abyss
Keep your eyes open to the energy that my world emits

To fulfill love is what every human’s ultimate search is
That’s why the X factor in my equation is purpose


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The shoaib equation of love by 

The Drake equation – The realistic probablity that intelligent life exists in the universe
Suprisingly it may not seem like the number could be all, but with the size of the universe
the number turns out to be a suprisingly large probability of life elsewhere existing
N =® * [fp] * [ne] * [fl] * [fi] * [fc] * [L]
Basically N is the number of intelligent life forms out there = rate of star formation * % stars that form planets * # of planets around each star that could support life * % of those on which life actually occurs * % of those where its intelligent * % of those intelligent enough to make interstellular communication * average lifetime of communicating civilization

estimates of life in milky way
10000 = 5 * 50% * 2 * 100% * 20% * 100 % * 10000

  • est number of galaxies in universe
    10,000 * 1 X 10^11 = <B>1 X 10^15 number of possible civilizations intelligent enough to communicate</B>

The point is, the possibility is actually huge rather than very small

Now this poem is really about an individuals chance of fall in love (with me, but in anyone’s case… them)

N =® * [rf] * [rs] * [rl] * [rm] * [rz] * [P] * [X]
N = The realistic chance that you and I will love each others kiss

[Rate at which I meet people per year] * [Percentage of those that turn into a relationship] * [The percent of those relationships which are sustained] * [Percentage of those relationship where love develops] * [Percentage of those relationships where mutual love develops] * [Percentage of average of relationships that actually last] * [Divided by the chance that its you ~ 6.9 billion] * [X factor – the human’s drive to find love – infinite – which shatters the equation]

estimate with out the x factor
250 * 50 % * 50% * 50% * 25% * 65% * 1/6,000,000,000 = 8.4 X 10^-10
seemingly if you take all things into account there is very little probability of finding love out of the people you meet
but my equation add the X factor, the human element of purpose, to find love and adapt to finding it, which i feel is infinite.

Thus the chances out of 250 actually negate all the other factors and becomes 1 out of 250
often times it is even higher than that

So ladies… keep ur eyes and your hearts open



  • Cassey
    Casseyover 5 years ago

    Your rhyming in this piece is unreal. It feels like a rap. Is it supposed to? The whole equation plus the poem is really impressive.

  • its just supposed to feel good…

    I usually always rhyme so a lot of my stuff sounds like rap i guess, but a lot deeper than going to the club and making money

    – S .

  • Cassey
    Casseyover 5 years ago

    I’ve read your other works, yet to comment on most, but this one in particular for some reason I felt with a beat. Who knows. I like it a lot.

  • jennielove
    jennieloveover 5 years ago

    ha i love it. its like math and science and poetry all put together. good work!

  • thats what i do baby

    – S .

  • Narcissus17
    Narcissus17over 5 years ago

    congrats on this novel concept

  • appreciate it

    – S .

  • taureau
    taureauover 5 years ago

    haha. you smooth criminal

  • haha

    – S .

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 5 years ago

    Great depth, unique in it’s own right.

  • lots going on in the head of mine

    – S .

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 5 years ago

    I can see that in your work.

  • thanks !

    – S .

  • micheleirene
    micheleireneover 5 years ago

    You are too smart for your own good……..great stuff you ;)

  • hahahaa oh ur to funny

    – S .

  • Astoreth
    Astorethover 5 years ago

    Oh Shoaib you are an absolute scream….. this is so damn clever but it’s also so humorous….. now i’m curious….and wondering what you do for a living. It must be something to do with maths….or are you a scientist, perhaps? ;-))

  • mad scientist

    – S .

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 5 years ago

    You are awesome…love the upbeat tempo…love the concept of this poetry!!!!!!! oxoxoxoxox

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