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if my poems could fly I wrote my first poem on a paper airplane / Because I had no idea how else to give it wings / I was once to afraid to share them with other… I fell in love with her 2 I wake up to a sunrise impression / Looking down at this body I once knew / My eyes glide over an unfamiliar inspection / I remember the … “There is still freedom in you” I think I was 16, old enough to know better / But young enough to not care / I ran up a down escalator… / Something about not backing do… life after love A story of love… lust… stars… spacedust… life…death… lies… trust… man… god… and us every soul is a star Every star is a soul / And every soul is a star / You simply look me up / And I’m no longer far / I enter your tongue when you read me / … Without love… I breathe in and think in oxygenation / Tied to living by chains of alpha globulin and desperation / Heme binding my blood and DNA unwindin… submerging I feel you / I guess you can blame words / I sense you / In a whisper / I can tell you feel the same urge / You came for me / You became… A flame inside a frame I see a picture and in an instant instantly I seem to obsess over her and what she used to mean / Constantly stressing me when I think abou… The things we lost in the fire Today I sung horribly in my car / At the top of my lungs and while some looked scoffing / I thought of a memory when I was young / A re… Sunrise till Sunset sunrise / Sunrise to a new day and my brown eyes are wide for the hope of finding a new way / Pray that today isn’t like yesterday; a burnt… explosions in the sky… Will there be explosions in the sky / The day I say goodbye? / Or will the shadows have their way / And rejoice that I’m not alive? /… kisses like peace Your kisses taste of secrecy / Pinky promise to keep them with me / So crucial like I need them to see / Torn cruciate they got me weak in … the secrets in her blood Everyone knows you are beautiful; they see it / But I know your type, veins full of your secrets / Physical beauty captures our attention… human stain He smacked that bitch across the face / A strong man in the fit of a jealous rage / Accused her of cheating on him / After so many years of… Resting in pieces We are birthed head first puzzles sent out as screaming vesicles / Placenta cut and like fossils entombed in sediment – still incom… Leaving you gets harder but loving you gets me th… I don’t want to let go of this / Your hands are on my hips / So I stand like your tree / Beautiful seed; I planted a one on your tw… Jealousy in the sanctuary of sleep I had this dream…. I was walking down the dark alley of an alternate reality / It was filled with people in costumes who felt that they ha… The praise we should have gave I remember Tommy like it was yesterday / He was the skinniest and always last when picked to play / It wasn’t that he was the worst or bes… I’d cut my strings for you I had a wish… as all young boys do / It was my desire to be real to someone like you…. / It started when I was on my way to school / I go… The epiphany of a soul The old story goes that when we die our soul goes / And ascends to the heavens above, but who really knows? / But I’m not concerned about… reflecting in silence  by S . lifetimes Time is short on this planet we stand in / And still we never know how it will be handed / Our clocks drip tiny tears onto photos that are … Fishing I remember going fishing my very first time / It wasn’t any special day or any special line / I caught the first fish basically without tr… Angels and Demons She’s an angel with reasons / Answering the prayers to which I’ve been pleading / I asked “Please Lord, give me a reason to believe in them… The cracks in my skin let your light in  by S . The shoaib equation of love N =® * [fp] * [ne] * [fl] * [fi] * [fc] * [L] / The realistic chance that intelligent life is exists / N =® * [rf] * [rs] * [rl]… A letter from the abyss From the deepest depths of the deepest sea / I sent this bottle as a last desperate attempt for you to see / That I sending you this becaus… my words Words / Are my painted artistic images / Showing you my vision with diction / Precision in my words leave inscriptions / This is freedom… I fell in love with her 2  by S . Just look up  by S . A hope for peace 4 A saint painted among an image of the holocaust / A time tainted with hate but without faith all was lost / A time when masses were cast of…