The reality of the gift

The crowd appears, everyone is in chaos as they scramble all about, some obnoxiously demanding tickets, some with tickets obnoxiously smiling back, some wishing for tickets, and some just wanting that little glimpse of their hero….

…and there you are – little one… you are there all dressed up to the hilt.. (well.. whatever that is!) sigh… and then you see your loved ones, equally as wonderful, all crisp and ready for anything that evening… they’re pointing toward you… except they are not exactly there with you… oh no.. not allowed…. this time – darling you are on your own… You head to the door….

The lights slowly rise up and begin to shine casting wonderful rays of beauty, color and light all around, the sounds of a mind bending melody starts to emulate as the echo of a million drums thunder throughout the huge theater …the roaring sounds of the crowd lets the world know something amazing is about to happen… something so memorable that they will love and remember forever!!!

You walk out to the stage… it’s familiar, it’s beautiful, you know it , you feel it, you really really know it – you were there once many years ago – it is your only friend right now… and you look out, to hopefully see those wonderful friendly and familiar faces looking back..

but… all that can be seen right now is shadows, emotion, life.. beautiful sound and light…

maxy 10/30/2009

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The reality of the gift by 



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I love to fly….. that’s what I do and what I’ve ever wanted to do and now… well as you can see I am doing just that! Now the wonderful world opens up for others who may want to also fly and capture incredible shots… I have an extra seat up yonder! yup yup yup! (and insurance etc…. :-)

Aerial shots flourish! :-) HUGS!

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  • canonman99
    canonman99over 4 years ago

    All the world is a stage………sometmes I think there is an actors strike going on though…Well written Max

  • Thank you so much cannonman99!! Yes – it sure is… I hear about those actors strikes often… it doesn’t stop the true artist at heart tho – heck they’re really not in it for the money… they love the beauty of it all and that often is just enough!! Thrilled you like it! xx

    – maxy

  • Munggo
    Munggoover 4 years ago

    Wonderful words.

  • Thank you so much Munggo! So thrilled you like this – straight from wonderful old experiences and straight from my heart! xx

    – maxy

  • cherylc1
    cherylc1over 4 years ago

    Wonderful Maxy!!!XO

  • Thank you so much Cheryl! As a person who got used to the stage at a very very young age – it was so much fun looking back.. but then I realized that this is the crescendo of many many people’s lives – just had to write it! xoxo1

    – maxy

  • SofaKingWeird
    SofaKingWeirdover 4 years ago

    Just awesome Maxy, very nice.

  • Thank you so much Troy! I see a lot of people every day who experience this in some sort of way – yes all the world can be that stage.. for all of us – we only hope for a successful ending! xoxo!

    – maxy

  • AliceDoodles
    AliceDoodlesover 4 years ago

    very interesting story.

  • Thank you so much Chris! When I first started writing it, I reflected back into some of my childhood memories.. and then halfway through it I realized that this parallels the lives of practically everyone I know who has tasted some kind of wonderful success – big or little! Just had to write it! xoxo!

    – maxy

  • JaneSolomon
    JaneSolomonover 4 years ago

    truly touching and wonderful to read! xx

  • Thank you so much Jane! This story is so close to my heart and when writing it realized that practically all of us has experienced it in some form in our lives! Thrilled you like it! xoxo!

    – maxy

  • Rhenastarr
    Rhenastarrover 4 years ago

    A beautifully written piece. Just so special!

  • Thank you so much Rhenastarr!!! A lot of that comes from personal experience, but most of it comes from observing that this probably happens to all of us at some point in our lives!!! So happy you like it! xx

    – maxy

  • warmsoul
    warmsoulover 4 years ago

    Wonderful Writing

  • Thank you warmsoul!!! I love your username by the way! This one is special to my heart… thrilled you like it!! xxx

    – maxy

  • lianne
    lianneover 4 years ago

    This is incredibly lovely writing – a moment in time captured just perfectly. I write more than I photograph so that’s the first thing I look for in someone’s profile and I’m so glad to have found this beautiful piece!

  • Thank you so very much Lianne! Those moments in time are sooo precious and when they are done, I hate for them to only just become just a distant memory. I found sometimes things can be relived through writing! I am sooo thrilled and honored you like it! xoxo!

    – maxy

  • madvlad
    madvladover 4 years ago
    i wrote one on this subject too maxy quite diffent of course this is well written and read too mightly nice flare
  • I’m sooo thrilled you like it! It was very very heartfelt and sort of a page from the past… a page that you just never want to throw away! Thank you MadVlad!!! xoxo!

    – maxy

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