Maxwell Campbell

Maxwell Campbell

Tugun Gold Coast, Australia


Hello everyone,

WOW ………… aren’t the halls of Red Bubble very quiet these days.

Seems that there isn’t too much activity out there, maybe with all the recent changes we are less likely to see what our contacts are posting or doing. I know that i have noticed a significant change in activity, and also miss some of the works that friends are putting up. So many apologies for the slow down in commenting on my behalf.

Any hoooo, i have just returned from a trip to the Maldives and Singapore recently. While i was in the Maldives i didn’t get too many opportunities to get out with the camera. I was on a surf charter for 7 days in the North Atolls.Most of the Islands in the North Atolls are privately owned by luxurious resorts, and access to the islands isn’t permitted in most parts. With that being said the surf was unbelievable, so after surfing for an average of 6 or 7 hours a day and snorkeling the crystal clear reefs in between surfs, by the time we went back on board our boat i had zero energy left and the camera was often left in the bag. I have posted one magic moment from the Maldives, and there is one other to come.
Singapore was a different story. This was 3 days of photography, and i really got very lucky with the weather while i was there. So if you get a chance, please take a look at my shots from Singapore. Further more, if you ever get the opportunity to head over to Singapore, make sure you have your gear primed and ready. It is a photographers playground. I loved every minute in this amazing city. Not only is the city such a beautiful architectural landscape, but it has the most Camera stores i have ever seen. Literally on every corner, and in some cases entire levels of shopping centres dedicated to photographers. Ahhhhhhh ……… retail heaven :-)

So i have put together some footage from my trip to Singpore, which shows the locations i am shooting at while i am actually shooting. After the footage of each location i have posted the shots as they appear in my image feed here in Red Bubble, or perhaps images that i am yet to post.

CLICK on the following link to view the footage which is on YOUTUBE. Let me know what you think, first time that i have done this, and i think it is a great idea.

The Singapore Experiment – Maxwell Campbell Photography

Anyway, hope you are all well, and i look forward to seeing more of all your incredible works soon.

Best Regards,

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