Joined September 2007

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Born and raised in the East Midlands, Maxrock is always most content with a pen or brush (or peanut butter and banana sandwich) in his hand.
Through his love for music he’s produced various album covers and also custom designed tattoos. He’s created graphics for a variety of different clients and businesses, some freelance and some as a direct employee.
Taking part in live drawing events, meeting other artists and watching them do their thing is something else he absolutely loves to do whenever he gets the chance.

Maxrock is forever trying to further develop his visual story telling ability and portray things he feels are epic events in our relatively tiny struggle for everyday life.
Fairly obsessed by nature and mankind’s ability for kindness and hatred, plus the strange transition from innocent child to burdened adult, his best work contains a contrast and duality ranging from bold, colourful, carefully constructed landscapes to moody, dark characters drawn with scratchy, bleeding lines.
Finding a happy medium between these two opposites is what keeps Maxrock awake at night.

  • Joined: September 2007