The cartoonist you are looking for !

I’m a fanboy geek but a fanboy geek that has driven forklifts and worked in a factory.
I’ve studied fine art, I’ve painted theatre sets, I’ve sold t-shirt designs, I’ve spray-painted slate parks.
I’m old school but learning how to use Photoshop and Iluustrator however I still prefer pen and ink to making algorhythms ( is that how you spell it ? )

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: March 2009


Never mind happy

I think Charles Bukowski said it best: / ’ Anybody who can write worth a damn, can’t do it in peace’. / Meaning you can’t create art in a happy blissful tranquil state. / I agree with Chuck. The best art always comes from adversity. The best music: The blues, heavy metal, punk rock comes from a bad place. / And that’s where MY work comes from. / A very bad place,inde…
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Hey you out there

I’ve seen you looking at my work. Why not comment on it ? / It’s the only way I’ll learn !
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Alright, I got this thing working.

Hi there / Recently I just ran a fete stall, I drew people who walked past and all that. Little cartoons of people, nothing heavy. Carictures I think they’re called / ( hope I spelt that right ) Anyhoo, after a day’s work , I made $140 ! Not bad for my first time. / I would like to make it a regular thing but I would also like to get a steady job so I’m not BROKE all the time …
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It's that bloke again

Yes, it’s me / Or in case, you haven’t met me before: I’m Mat Johnson / and I’m a cartoonist ( alcoholic, same diff ) / I’m available for storyboards, greeting card designs and t-shirts ( I have experience in that trade ) / my personal e-mail is and if you’ve seen my work on redbubble, you probably know that i’m creative enoug…
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