Burton Upon Trent, United Kingdom

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I’m a new photographer, as of yet I don’t have a set genre, I’m still trying a bit of everything, Landscapes, cars, sports, a Wedding, and my next challenge is some family portraits.

I use a Sony A300, with the standard 18-70mm Lense, I have brought a Tamron 70-300mm Lense, a Battery grip (so I could use a remote) and my most recent toy is a Metz 36 AF-4 Flashgun.

I try my best to get the shot I want there and then, and therefore not have to do any photoshopping, I know this is not always possible (a fly in shot, the odd bit of red eye, a alarm box on a house that looks out of place).
I am going to add some of my work, and I would be thrilled should any of sell, I’m also looking forward to seeing how I progress as a photographer, Hopefully as the years go by and I upgrade my gear, my photo’s will get better.

I welcome any comments or critisum, to me it’s the 2nd best way to learn.

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