It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


Anniversary and Happy New Year :-)

For me another year as a member of Redbubble is coming to an end (I joined at the end of December 2008 so I’ve been here for just two years now. ) This seems like a good time to reflect on my time here and also pass on my best wishes and greetings to all members of this community which has become a big part of my life.

When I joined I had never been a member of any website, no facebook, no twitter… just a random web browsing person. Although I’ve been a keen photographer off and on since my high school days I’ve mostly just dabbled and never previously owned more sophisticated equipment than a camera, a couple of lenses and a tripod. The cost of film and processing was always an impediment to unrestrained release of the shutter.

Due to my Mother’s dementia…

Lovely New Writing Tab :-)

Many in the writing community are annoyed because RB has seen fit to remove the Writing Tab from our profile page. Our friend Helen has kindly created some Tabs that we can use on our profiles to restore this function. And now it’s even better because we can configure the way our work is displayed by deciding the search criteria.
Helen has made these elegant and very tasteful tabs available for all to use. The more people using them the more it will look like part of RB, I reckon they look great and you have a choice of rectangular or elliptical shapes. Thanks Helen :-)

See how good they look on my profile

Before it's too late, Bmail yourself

When I first joined the bubble, I had no idea about how to use the various codes and things to post anything other than text. I’m pretty sure most newbies had to go looking to find the information. Then there was the problem that there was really nowhere private to test those things, no scratch pad or such. Leading to the possibility of posting inactive linked URLs and code in comments etc.

Then a kind Bubbler pointed out that you can go to your profile page and send a Bmail to yourself to test these things. I found this really useful and also found this good to use as a sort of little notebook where I could just look in my Bmails to myself to find some codes and other info that I wanted easy access to without having to open a word processor and find a file.

Anyway, if you think you…

Find missing tabs and other functions in the new Bubble

I see lots of us are having trouble finding things in the new Bubble, particularly things that seem to no longer have tabs offering that particular function. In those cases this approach may prove to be helpful.

If I can’t find something in the new RedBubble, the first thing I do is go to the old RedBubble, open the page I want and then in the address bar delete only the part of the URL which says old. usually the URL still works :)

e.g. Where is the My Groups tab showing a list of all my groups with avatars and details of membership numbers etc.?… stuffed if I know…

Go to old RedBubble

Find the My Groups tab and click on it Here it is

This is the URL which comes up in the browser:

Delete the old. from the URL and the browser change…

Writers kicked up the arse :-(

The changes to RB have come as a bit of a shock, though I understand the need to get the best possible outcome in terms of selling art and making a profit for both the company and the members of the community. I guess we’ll get used to it and things will be fine. But why has the writing section been changed? It doesn’t have sales so that can’t be the reason. Surely it’s obvious that what was a good easy to access presentation of featured and popular writing showing the avatars and names of the writers is now a bland unattractive layout, suitable for images only, not writing :-(

This is how it was

This is how it is now

I have posted the following in the Bugs? Problems? Thoughts? feedback section:
Hi Guys,
I und…

Shoot the breeze in "Chat Cafe"

Ever feel like just having an open chat with fellow Bubblers? Well now there is a place to do just that, Chat Cafe is a new group where any topic can be discussed in a welcoming and friendly environment. Got writer’s block? Need some inspiration for your next masterpiece? This is where fellow Bubblers can share ideas and interact with each other. Already there are forums with diverse subjects and there is plenty of space for more so if there is something you want to say or if you just want to have a look, please pop in and join us, the more the merrier :-)

Creative Corners:
Art | Photography | Digital Art | Writers | Tshirts & Decals | Collaborations

Other Activities:
Curated Galleries | Interviews | General Discussions | World News | Recipes
Fun&Games | Chat Cafe News

Is it Original Art?

I have posted a forum topic in the general discussions forum about the passing off of copied art as original art, something that gets right up my nose. If you have an opinion about this I’d love to see your contribution to the discussion.
Is it Original Art??

Thanks :-)

Back to the Bubble

Hello all, I’ve returned from the bold venture and as promised I’ll tell you where I’ve been.
I went to Myanmar (Burma) with a group representing the Myanmar eye care project. Our volunteer group consisted of fourteen people (ophthalmic surgeons, nurse, anaesthetist, technicians and support staff) and we were stationed at Jivitadana Sangha Hospital at Wachet Sagaing Hills, 15 miles west of Mandalay on the west bank of the Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) River. This is a Buddhist hospital, run by a committee under the direction of its founder, Sayadaw U Lakkhana, who is the principal monk of the local monastery. The Sayadaw is held in high esteem both locally and throughout Myanmar, he also travels abroad each year to run meditation courses.
Although close to Mandalay, the hospit…

Brief Bubble Break

Hello all my RedBubble friends,

Sorry I haven"t responded to all the comments I’ve received recently, they are much appreciated and hopefully I will catch up eventually, nor have I had a chance to comment on much new work, please forgive me. I’ve been busy preparing for a bold venture which begins tomorrow. I’ll be away for a couple of weeks. My sister has briefly taken over Chook duties.
I’ll tell you all about it when I return, I hope you all keep safe and well :-)


Channeling Raymondo?

I guess you won’t believe it
But it happened just today
I was writing on my keyboard
And I think I channeled Ray

You see I watch the keyboard
To get my letters right
Cause when I try to touch type
It’s not a pretty sight

I must have hit the caps lock
And like a silly goat
I just kept on a typing
And not seeing what I wrote

Then when I turned my eyes up
I just said “holy crap”
‘Cause each and every letter


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