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Dear Reader,

I have been doing freelance design for a few years now ever since finally realising my day job was entirely unfulfilling. I’m working through a backlog of designs I’ve done in my spare time over the past decade or so and will be uploading them to the interwebs when I deem them fit for public viewing.

Fair warning; a large percentage of it is geek/pop culture friendly. A slightly larger percentage of it includes references to popular tv shows or films. An even larger percentage of it is available at reasonable prices via the good people at redbubble and by purchasing my work you are guaranteed* to get fitter, to get that person you like to fall in love with you, to become a millionaire and suddenly have the ability to fly.

By coming to my page and looking at my work you are supporting freelance design, and for that I whole-heartedly thank you all.


*not a gurantee

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