Daily Sketch #25

Spent most of the day tearing down and rebuilding the studio. A few of the projects that are kicking off next year are in a larger scale than my usual work so we’ve now got a converted dining table set-up to accommodate it all.

Leroy + FEC = This T-Shirt

With Lonely Monsters moving over to FEC Publishing for its re-release I thought I’d celebrate by designing a special t-shirt, featuring Leroy in gangsta mode. This will be available via FEC sometime soon.

The official FEC launch party is happening on February 5th in Melbourne. I’ll post all the details up soon for anyone who feels like coming along to check it out.


Daily Sketch #18 and some other stuff

On January 17th the first episode of the revamped LM2 will be landing. At this stage I’ll probably be putting it up at my website only (and maybe one other place, but that’s still being discussed). It’ll be a fortnightly webcomic featuring Skullboy, starting with his birth and moving on from there. I’m putting together a limited subscription pack of sorts, once those details are worked out I’ll be posting them up somewhere (the fortnightly webcomic will be free, the subscription packs will involve a copy of the eventual printed collection and original page from the series, which means it’ll be limited to 20-odd places as the first chapter of the Skullboy story is set to run for 1 year).…

In other news I found out this morning that I’ve been selected for inclusion in the 2011 volume of S

Daily Sketch #14

Having a break from penciling a very detailed comic page and decided to make today’s sketch nice and rough. It’s fun jumping away from the realistic/detailed (and often time consuming) pieces to work on these quick sketches where the detail is more suggestive and not so blatant.



I recently grabbed a copy of the book ‘The Horror! The Horror!’ and have been completely devouring it. For those who don’t know, back in the 50’s there was a huge movement in the US to ban comics, focusing on horror and crime comics, which resulted in the creation of the Comics Code (which has thankfully now been dropped by most publishers). During the original witch-hunt a number of publishing houses and comic book titles completely disappeared, removed from the shelves of the local pharmacy/newsagency due to the belief that they were corrupting the minds of children. Many of these stories and covers have been unavailable since that time, but here they are, rising from the ashes in this wonderful 306 page collection.…

It has everything, crime, horror, undead, evil communists (that made

Daily Sketch #11

While I love sketching Batman I think this’ll be the last one I do as part of the daily sketches as I’ll have to replace them in the published collection so I don’t get sued by DC :-)


Daily Sketch #9

I won’t keep posting links to the previous days sketches or before I know it each journal entry will be a mile long. Instead if you click on the sketch it’ll take you to my blog where they’re all available.



The Lonely Hunter Volumes 1 & 2

Took a few quick snapshots of the recently arrived Lonely Hunter book set. These shots include the limited edition sepia copy of Volume 1 (which comes with an original piece from the book). I’ve already sold half of the limited sets so if you’re interested in one drop me a line. More details can be found here



60 x 60 #1

Some artist friends recently started up a “60 Drawings In 60 Days” challenge, for which I’m putting a 15 minute time limit on all the sketches I’ll be doing. It’s a nice change to pace to sit down and throw the inks around without having any preconceived ideas or set plans for the art when it’s finished.

Here’s number 1.


LM2 Returns In 2011

LM2 was originally a weekly webcomic sequel to Lonely Monsters, continuing the story of Leroy. Due to a combination of an increasing workload and decision to alter the course of Leroy’s story it ended up being put on hold for most of 2010. In 2011 it returns, minus Leroy, and traveling even deeper into a world of nonsense.


The Lonely Hunter Volumes 1 & 2

The 2 volume black/white/grey set of Lonely Hunter books are now available HERE

There is also a limited edition sepia set (details below) that are shipped with an original piece of art from the book itself. These are limited to 50 copies only (10 have already gone).

These books mark the end of the first chapter in the life of Leroy. The next chapter is well underway and will take him in some different directions in 2011.



Some New Decks

It’s always fun taking existing designs and altering them to suit the dimensions of a deck. These are all pre-existing and modified designs. Once I finish off a few jobs I’ve got on the go I’m going to do some new deck-only designs.


Everything's More Fun With.....Skins?

Damn straight it is.

And you can see other stuff HERE

The 2 volume set of Lonely Hunter books are all done and will be up for general sale at the start of next week. There’s a limited edition colour set and an unlimited number of black/white/grey sets. They’ll be available from my Etsy store, along with some new original pieces I’ll also be putting up. You can check it out by clicking on the somewhat menacing tentacle below.



Originals at Etsy

I finally got around to setting up an Etsy store to start selling my original pieces (and will soon be adding limited edition prints to the mix). This beats the previous method of posting available work online then having to deal with multiple people wanting to score the same pieces (yeah, wasn’t the smartest approach to take hehe). You can find it by clicking on the giant’s giant skull…..



ps. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes during my recent illness. I’m finally feeling better, still got a few days at least until I feel normal, but at least now I can actually hold a pen to get some drawing done without it resulting in a burst of shaky lines.

matthewdunnart/Damien Mason Superhero Team-Up Time!

I’m currently sick as a dog, and today had a fever and shakes that were so bad I wasn’t even able to hold a pencil to get any drawing done. The fever’s subsided slightly, but I still feel like I’ve had the shit kicked out of me. However, being the obsessive compulsive artist that I am I couldn’t let the day go by without doing something. So after finishing up the formatting for the Lonely Hunter book I then turned to something else, a Superhero Team-Up of sorts.…

You may have recently seen the wonderful Batman piece that Damien Mason did (if not it’s pasted a little further down in the journal). Batman has been my favourite comic book character since I was a little kid and to this day I’m always excited seeing different artists interpretations of the character. There was something uni

The Lonely Hunter (Book Update & Available Art)

In November I’ll be releasing the Lonely Hunter set of books. The first book will contain all 100 sepia/indian ink brush pieces from the recent exhibition. The second book will contain black & white ink illustrations (many of which were used for t-shirt designs) along with some sketches and comic pages. Both books are 6 inches x 9 inches, perfect bound, and will be sold/packaged together along with a an original Leroy sketch (same size as the books) and a couple of mini-postcard prints.…

The first bunch of orders (I’m still finalising the numbers for this) will also receive an original piece from the Lonely Hunter exhibition/book (these will be very limited though as there aren’t too many pieces left). People on my mailing list will be given a chance to pre-order these special sets (a

Bluecanvas Feature (and some other stuff)

I’ve been featured over at the BLUECANVAS website, and will also be appearing in an upcoming issue of the magazine (next year).…

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes while I was away on my honeymoon. It was a really nice break that included escaping the city for awhile to surround ourselves with trees, birds, and all that other nature stuff (sure, there are trees in the park next to our home, often visited by bats at night, but it’s just not the same).

For some reason the rest of the world decided that my being on holiday was the best time to flood my bubblemail and email with messages, and on my 3rd day back at work I’m still sorting through them all. So if you’re waiting on a response from me for something then it should come through by the end of the week :-)

Being away from the stu

Hittin' the road

I’ll be having a (gasp) holiday starting tomorrow, so won’t be around much (if at all) for at least a week. This year has been crazy, busy as all hell (in a good way) but it’s been far too long since I stepped away from the drawing table for more than half a day.

But I’ve got a very good reason to step away as tomorrow I’m getting married and my lovely lady and I will then be spending the week on the road.

After that we’ll be back home where I’ll be diving head-first into a huge pile of new art supplies I grabbed today, returning to work on the new Leroy graphic novel and kicking off cabezas de máquinas!,

Don’t break the bubble while I’m gone, I love this place too much :-)



A monthly e-journal containing sketches, layouts, process pieces, and more, all relating to whatever I’ve been working on that month. This will be sent to everyone on my mailing list at the end of each month, starting October.

To join the mailing list send an email to……..

subscribe (AT)

Being on the mailing list will also give you access to exclusive prints, t-shirts, original art sales, etc, etc, etc.



The Lonely Hunter Book

Collecting all 100 sepia/ink pieces from the Lonely Hunter exhibition, along with unseen sketchbook material and a special Leroy short comic story exclusive to this book.

Prior to being made publicly available a pre-order will be happening (in October) for people who are on my mailing list, with all copies being shipped out with an original sketch. Sign up via the below email address if you want to get in on that.



ISoDIaWD Leroy Art Jam

THIS is one of my favourite things in the world! The art jams have been so much fun since they kicked off, and seeing everyone throw down with their interpretations of my own creation is a thrilling honour.

Thanks to everyone who has joined in the fun!


Group Exhibition and Leroy Q&A

First things first, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to the opening of The Lonely Hunter last night. I’ll be posting some pictures up soon, but until then here’s a quick shot of what you can expect to see if you come to check it out (click the image to be taken to a larger version).…

I spent the night fielding a lot of questions regarding Leroy, his past/present/future. So much so that the gallery has asked me to do a special Q&A session. Maybe it was the excitement of the opening, or the cider in my system, but I agreed to this with wild enthusiasm (I’m generally a somewhat reserved individual), so on Saturday the 25th of September I’ll be returning to answer any and all questions the crowd has regarding Leroy, comics, art, etc, etc. I might even have a few pages from the

Mailing List

I’ve had a mailing list slowly building up over the last year but have never really done too much with it. That changes from next month when I’ll start using it to offer limited edition prints, original art sales, surprise competitions and other random goodness. I’ll also be using it to share advance previews of upcoming projects and other such things. If that kinda thing tickles your fancy then sign up!



Leroy + Lonely Monsters

I spent the day hanging the new exhibition and I’ve got to admit that it felt very cool standing in the middle of a gallery surrounded by wall-to-wall artwork dedicated to Leroy. If you’re in Melbourne then why not pop along tomorrow at 6pm for the opening and say hi. The first 50 people through the door get a free poster. Full exhibition details are here

On another Leroy-related note, the Lonely Monsters graphic novel (which marked his first appearance) will soon be back in print via FEC Publishing. Here’s the cover I put together for the FEC version.



Life-Size Leroy

I’ve been on a bit of a stencil kick recently since starting work on the Lonely Hunter Exhibition. Here’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, a life-size Leroy stencil (just over 90cm x 90cm). It’s a layer of black acrylic, followed by white acrylic, topped off with black spraypaint/stencil.

If you’d like to see it in the flesh then be sure to come along to this….

I’ll be there for the opening and also the following 2 Saturdays.


Something old = Something new

A few years ago I created some designs for a job that stuck in my head, and since then I’ve always wanted to investigate them further. I knew it would be awhile before I had the chance to do anything with them, so I filed the thoughts away in the back of my mind and let them develop in their own ways until I was ready to let them back out.

They recently started banging on the door demanding my attention.

Melbourne Treasure Hunt

Next week I’ll be hitting the streets of Melbourne to leave a few stacks of exhibition flyers in various locations. Scattered amongst these flyers will be a few original Leroy sketches.

I’ll post the locations on the day that I’ll be making the drop.


The Lonely Hunter Exhibition Poster

Just over 2 weeks to go, and with all the stencils and sepia/ink pieces now complete it means I can spend the remaining time hammering away at the big piece (or pieces, depending on how smoothly things go).

Life-size Leroy art, something I’ve always wanted to do :-)


Exhibition Stuff

I’m nearly finished working on these smaller ink pieces for the exhibition, should be done by the weekend. Then I can spend the next couple of weeks working on the much larger pieces for the show.

I’ll also have a piece in a group exhibition coming up that’s part of Semi Permanent (happening in September). I’ll post some more details for that soon.



New Leroy Calendar

To celebrate the upcoming Leroy exhibition I decided to pick out 13 of my favourite Leroy pieces from recent times and put a new calendar together.


Another Exhibition Piece

On top of the pieces that will be on exhibition I’m also putting together a special poster to celebrate Lonely Monsters going back into print with a new publisher. I’ll probably have about 50 copies of the poster printed up for the show, and they’ll be given out to the first 50 people who walk through the door. But til then here’s another sepia/indian ink piece for the exhibition.



1 Year At Redbubble + 100,000 Views

Exactly 1 year ago today I thought to myself “I think I’ll give this Redbubble thing a go” :-)…

In that time a hell of a lot has happened. I’ve uploaded 194 pieces in my Art Gallery, 211 designs into my T-Shirt Gallery, and made 5 calendars (I plan on making more of these very soon). These 3 galleries combined have just hit 100,050 views! A gallery of the designs that have sold in the last 12 months has been posted here.

I’ve made some great friends on here, a few of whom I’ve gone on to collaborate with in various ways (with more collaborations planned for the future). After joining quite a few groups I ended up becoming a co-host for a few, they are International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination, Rapt in Tentacles, Pulp Noir, Just Comics, and The RedBubble Cu

Some Stuff

Tomorrow I’ll be starting on the main piece for the upcoming Lonely Hunter Exhibition, a life-size painting of Leroy. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never really had the time to do so, but now I’ve got a good reason to do it so what the hell. The process will either be a total blast or drive me insane, either way it’ll be an experience :-)

Here are a couple of new sepia/indian ink pieces from the show.



The Lonely Hunter - Exhibition flyer & another piece from it

This exhibition is easily my most ambitious to date. With a combination of unframed sepia/ink pieces (like the one below), some larger framed ink work, and a wall covered in stencils there will be just over 200 pieces in total. On a personal level it’s the exhibition I’ve been looking forward to the most as it focuses solely on the character of Leroy (my favourite creation)..

I hope to see you there :-)


Exhibition Stuff

The dates for my September exhibition have been locked in, opening Wednesday 15th September (6pm) and running until Wednesday 29th September out at Richmond. I’m putting a flyer together at the moment which I’ll post a bit later.

Here’s another piece for the show (I’m up to 67 of these sepia/ink pieces, they’re quite addictive to work on)



My 1st Bubble Birthday Competition

This Sunday (August 22nd, the day before my actual birthday) will mark one whole year of me kicking around on Redbubble. To be honest it feels like it’s been much longer (in a good way of course). To celebrate I thought I’d run a special deal/competition of sorts.…

Anyone who buys an item of clothing from my Redbubble selection, from now until August 23rd, will go into the draw to win one of three special prizes. Instead of listing the prizes as first, second, and third, I’ll instead let the first place choose what they want from the pile first, then second place chooses, then third place gets what’s left.

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs!

An original inked piece of art on A3 watercolour paper (which was used as the cover for my art book No One Makes The Parts That I Need)


Halftone Heroes Comic

Back in January, as part of the Halftone Heroes Exhibition, I put together this 6 page comic telling the story of William Henry Fletcher (a fictional artist I created for the exhibition, and under whose name I also created a number of artworks to display). I’m in the process of adding this and various other comics to my official website which can be found here but thought I’d also post the 6 page WHF story up here for people to check out (if you can’t read it clearly go to the above link as the pages may be a tiny bit larger/clearer there).



GritFX Magazine, exhibition stuff, and so on

My second article for GritFX Magazine is now online and can be found here.

Here’s another of the sepia/indian ink pieces that will be part of the September exhibition. I’ll be posting all the details shortly.

M+M continues to march forward. Some of the new designs we’re working on have me super-excited and I can’t wait to be able to share them. It’s looking like the first official release is going to be the MDART figure (the chainsaw wielding monkey version of yours truly). We’re waiting on a few material-related things before announcing any dates, should have that info soon.



The Unfortunate Man Has Been Stolen!

I was heartbroken today when I was told that the below custom toy, which is (or was) part of my current exhibition, had been stolen from the gallery! This toy was a one-off, a gift from my M+M toy partner to celebrate this exhibition and our way of giving the world a little peak into the world of M+M. I know the chances of ever seeing it again are 0.0000000000001% but if anyone does see it appear anywhere (forums, ebay, etc, etc) please let me know asap as it would mean an awful lot to see it safely returned.

I saddens me that anyone would steal anything created by someone, especially from an art gallery. What a sad day.


Homepage Feature and some other stuff

I got a nice buzz this morning when I logged into RB to discover that cheeky monkey of mine had been featured on the homepage.

Thanks for the feature RB :-)

I’ve also had a few people ask about getting their hands on the recent Leroy stencil I posted. There will be quite a few available at the September exhibition, but I know that not everyone is able to hit Melbourne for it so I’m going to spray a few extra pieces up. If anyone is interested drop me a bubblemail and I’ll let you know the score.

At this stage, with the stencils and ink pieces I’m working on, it looks like there will be at least 100 pieces in the exhibition (and I thought I was crazy hitting the 50 piece mark for the current Unfortunate Man exhibition!).



Exhibition and Lonely Monsters stuff

Lonely Monsters, my first graphic novel which was published in 2008, has found a new home. I’ll be taking it down from Lulu in the next few days, then after some tweaking (including a brand new cover) it will be published by a new comic publishing company that is starting up in Australia. I’ll post more details once I have them.…

I spent today scouting possible locations for the big M+M exhibition next year, as well as doing more M+M comic and design work, before getting some more pieces done for the upcoming Leroy exhibition. My original plan for the Leroy exhibition was to basically just keep on producing pieces from the start of August until a week prior to the exhibition. However I’ve already got 21 pieces done, and the show doesn’t start until mid-September, so I’m thinking I’ll n


Just finished cutting a new stencil for the September exhibition. This will be sprayed onto multiple panels (enough to cover nearly 1 whole wall of the gallery).


Exhibition Thanks

A big thanks to everyone that came along to the opening of my latest exhibition last night. It was great to catch up in person and spend some time hanging out with you all. After talking with people for 3 hours straight I’ve hardly got a voice left today, but a full day of relaxing and catching up on some comic-reading time will fix me up :-)

The show will be running until August 12th for anyone who couldn’t make the opening.



Leroy Print Set - Special Offer For Bubblers (Updated - Only 5 Left)

I’m down to 20 of the Leroy Print Sets that I put together recently, with all of those sales happening outside of RB. So I thought I’d put 10 of the remaining sets aside to offer up to any of my fellow Bubblers who are interested in them with a bit of a discount.…

For $60 (Australia & NZ) or $70 (International) you get the below 6 signed prints plus an original Leroy sketch (saving you $20 off the price that it’s selling elsewhere). If you’re interested drop me a line.

In other Leroy-related news, some of you may remember the Leroy custom toy that I received earlier this year. At the time a number of people asked me about getting 1 for themselves, but as this was before the creation of M+M the answer back then was simply “Sorry, this is the only one that exists”. Well that will change

Why Redbubble Is Great

There are so many amazing artists on this site that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Every day someone uploads something new that just blows me away. The diversity of talent and subject matter is fascinating to me, so I thought I’d take the time to share a few pieces by different RB artists that have given me a nice creative-buzz of late.…

I can’t post the above image as it’s covered with a clear gif, so make sure you click on the title link to check it out as it’s a truly wonderful piece of art.


Sure, Sturstein and I collaborate regularly, and he’s often giving me $hit about something or other, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating his work ;-) I was especially fond of this piece as it is very high-contrast compared to

Animated Process Journal #2

Animation showing the process from pencil line work to finished colour piece (I coudln’t find the original thumbnail sketch for this one unfortunately).

The next piece currently being animated is Start Talkin’, a personal favourite Leroy piece of mine so I’m really forward to seeing it get this treatment.



Leroy Print Series #1

I’ve been wanting to put some print sets together for some time, but it’s just one of those things that kept getting shoved aside due to other projects. I finally decided to bite the bullet and sort it out this week. I’ve got 3 other sets being worked out at the moment, but it just seemed right to lead off with a set devoted to Leroy.

Trying to decide which pieces to include in this was a very long process, and I went for a mix of clean/crisp combined with dirty/gritty. Prints 3 and 5 are variations of other pieces that won’t be available anywhere else outside of this set.

The next set will be available in August, titled Neighbourhood Watch, featuring a few existing prints and some brand new pieces.

Exhition stuff, print stuff, and other stuff

I’ve been busy finishing up my July exhibition preparations over the last couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to jump onto RB as much as usual. It’s looking like there will be quite a few Bubblers coming along in July (including some interstate visitors) which will be a blast. You can find all the details for the exhibition here.

I had a pretty extensive meeting with my M+M partner KidAkira yesterday where we mapped out our superviolentmonkeytime plans for the next 12 months. We’ve got some crazy things in the works, which will culminate in a big art/toy exhibition next year in Melbourne. Before then we’ll be doing a few limited toy releases of certain characters. Once that information is available I’ll post it up here, and you can also follow the superviolentmonkeyblog for addi

Features/Sales Thanks

Big thanks to the below groups for featuring the following pieces!







And thanks also to the wonderful people who recently grabbed the following t-shirts.

Thanks again folks, it’s always appreciated :-)


Website Stuff, Leroy Stuff, And Other Stuff

I’ve just finished reworking the menu set-up on my main website HERE making it a bit less cluttered. Over the next few days I’ll be scanning in some short comic stories to add to the site, most of which have previously only been available in anthology comics in the US.…

Work on the follow up to Lonely Monsters has really picked up pace in the last couple of weeks, but I can’t get too carried away with it just yet as I’ve still got a few more pieces to finish up for my July Exhibition, however in August I’ll be able to dive further into it as I also prepare the pieces for the September exhibition which is all about Leroy. I might even have a few sample pages on hand for people to check out (maybe, it’s hard to show pages from this story without giving anything away).

After the September e

Features And Sales Thanks

Thanks to the below groups for featuring the following…


T HQ and T-ME!








And thanks to the shoppers who recently grabbed these designs…

Thanks again folks!


Another Music Bean

lextrical has used another of my pieces, These Idle Hands, for a new music bean, which can be found HERE

These collaborations are so much fun, having someone create music to match my art has always been a fascinating experience for me. It started with the Lonely Monsters soundtrack and has continued on in different ways from there with various people. To have the opportunity to do it on a regular basis with lextrical is fantastic.


The Art Of Barron Storey

An artist of the highest order. Without his art and teachings there would be no Sienkiewicz, Wood, Williams, Alexander, Pratt, Van Fleet, Muth, McKean, and many others as we know them today.

Barron Storey

Sales Thanks

Big thanks to the wonderful people who recently grabbed the following items!

And thanks also to everyone who’s been buying stickers! The Leroy stickers are proving to be especially popular, which is very cool indeed.



Exhibition Piece

I’m knee-deep in preparations for my upcoming July exhibition, with a whole bunch of finished pieces all tucked away and a whole bunch more still in progress or waiting to be started. My plan is to simply keep on working until a week before the show, so god only knows how many pieces I’ll end up with. Thought I’d share a piece I finished up yesterday of The Unfortunate Man.


The Process (animated version)

I woke up this morning to discover one of my good friends had put this together for me.

That’s a really nice thing to wake up to. I’m glad people got a kick of out me sharing my process in this way, I’ll definitely be doing it again soon. Might make it a monthly thing if people are interested in me doing that.

Below are links to each of the separate steps…




Another Music Bean

Lextrical is someone who puts noise/music tracks together based on specific artworks, trying to capture the mood of the piece in question. This is my second time being featured on their site and I dig the hell out of it. We’re teaming up in a reversal of the usual approach, and I’m creating a new piece of art to match up with the mood of the final track on their album, it’s an interesting and challenging experience in the best possible way.


Process Journal - Part Six

As far as the original piece goes I’m thinking of leaving it where it’s at, nice solid shadows with a mild wash of grey.

I’m thinking of colouring this piece in Photoshop to put up as a print :-)

Feature Thanks

Big thanks to the following groups for recently featuring the below pieces.

Breaking The Boundaries and Real Men Wear Tights both featured The Fallen Hero

Character Development featured one of my Drawing Day pieces Creeping

HALLOWEEN featured Junior Ghoul

Imaginative Skulls featured both The Five Dancing Skulls Of Doom

and superspyskullheadboy (another piece from Drawing Day)

Dark Artists, Dark Art featured I See A Darkness

If It Doesn’t Belong featured Oh The (Lack Of) Humanity

And over at the main RB T-Shirt page skullboyheadache was featured

Thanks a lot folks!


50,000 + 20,000 = 70,000

I just realised that my t-shirts have recently cracked the 50,000 views mark! With my art creeping just over 20,000 at this stage. Not bad for a comic-lovin’ geek who signed up to RB in August 2009 :-)…

It’s always interesting seeing which t-shirts end up getting more attention than others. Early on I realised that the shirts people seem to dig the most are the ones that are a result of creating something for my own kicks. There were 2 or 3 instances early on where I tried designing things that I thought would appeal to others, and those designs didn’t do as well. So since then I’ve continued to just draw what I want to draw and it’s a path that has been successful and that I plan on sticking to.

Redbubble’s a pretty cool place to be. I’ve made some great friends on here, met some wo

The Art Of Alex Maleev

Having worked on various titles such as The Crow, Batman, Sam & Twitch, and others, Maleev really made his mark in the world of comics during his phenomenal run on Daredevil with writer Brian Michael Bendis. Since then he’s continued to blow people away across a range of comics, and these following pieces will show you why.

Music Beans, Voting Reminder and Feature Thanks

Lextrical’s Music Bean is a daily art/sound collaboration where Lextrical puts a track together to suit whatever piece of art is being used for that day. If you head over HERE you’ll find today’s entry, featuring my piece The Gathering.

There are just 4 days left to get your vote in for the Rapt In Tentacles Collaboration Challenge

And a big thanks to the below groups for featuring the following items of late….

Core (C.O.R.E)

FAN FRENZY and Real Men Wear Tights



If It Doesn’t Belong

International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination

*Core (C.O.R.E)

Behind The Mask



Comic Book Art Thread

Over at the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination we’ve just kicked off the second week of the Comic Book Art Thread. This week’s character is Harvey Dent/Two Face. Click HERE and hit us with your own version of this classic Batman villain.



The Art Of John Paul Leon

John Paul Leon is a genius in the world of comics and illustration. Possessing a deep understanding of negative space, pacing and composition. He also has a masterful understanding of sequential storytelling, guiding the eye across the page, controlling the pace and mood, often in such subtle ways that you don’t realise it unless you go back and study what you’ve already passed over.…

A lot of artists will crowd every single panel with detail, taking the approach that every panel needs to be a piece of art in its own right. Leon understands that, unless it’s a splash page, every panel must be composed to stand as a small part of the larger puzzle, working with all the surrounding panels.

When it comes to pin-ups and covers he’s able to capture the essence of the character with seemingly

Watchlist Issues

For some reason I’ve had a whole bunch of people drop off my watchlist over the last couple of weeks, quite a few of them people I chat with on a regular basis. I’m going through and trying to re-add people, so if you’re suddenly added to my watchlist and thinking “Why is he only just adding me now?” this is why :-)

Has anyone else had the same issue of late?



What Are You Reading?

Thought I’d share a few comic titles I’ve been reading recently :-)…


An ongoing series about people living in a world full of zombies. This series has been riveting from day one, bringing a real humanity to the world of zombie comics. It’s also one of the few comics that has some genuinely terrifying moments, which for the most part is due to the relationship you develop with the characters throughout the series. It’s a monthly series (with the occasional delay) through Image Comics, however as I’m a total sucker for nice oversized hardcover books I have to wait a whole damn year to catch up (each hardcover contained 12 issues). The Walking Dead is currently being produced as a TV series over at HBO which will be a total buzz!


Sales Thanks

First up, thanks to the wonderful Rob Octochimp Goofellow for grabbing a truckload of Leroy stickers (which I won’t post in here, I’ll wait for him to reveal what he has planned for them).

And thanks also to the awesome shopper who just grabbed a whole bunch of loot….



Feature Thanks

Big thanks to the below groups for featuring the following…..












Thanks a lot folks!


Original Art (Updated)

I’ve removed all the pieces that have sold so far and added my latest ink illustration “Goatboy” to the list :-) I’ve also had a few people ask if I’m available for commissions since posting these originals up. The answer is yes, with the price depending on what you’re after (for commissions I mostly stick to ink and watercolour work). No unicorns though, I refuse to draw unicorns!…

Each piece is inked on A4 sized watercolour paper. I’m including postage in the price, so there’s a slight different between prices for those in Australia and everyone overseas. The prices are for Australian dollars as well.

1 piece – $50 (Australia) $60 (Overseas)
2 pieces – $80 (Australia) $90 (Overseas)
3 pieces – $110 (Australia) $120 (Overseas)

If you’re interested in anything bubblemail me and we can w

Sales Thanks!

Big thanks to the various shoppers who recently grabbed the following t-shirts!

And a big thanks also to the peeps who have purchased the following original illustrations…

If you’re after some original matthewdunnart there are still some pieces available HERE



Early Work

And when I mean early, I mean early. Back in Primary School I drew a few comic books that featured different Australian animals as the characters. It was mostly comic strip gags along the lines of Peanuts, only with much less skill and humour (I was just a little kid after all). The thing that makes me laugh most of all is that I gave all the characters nicknames that were abbreviations of/references to their animal names. Roo was the Kangaroo, Tazzy was a Tasmanian Devil, etc, etc.…

My favourite one of all was the Wombat, who I named Womb :-D

Recently my parents sent a couple of these comics to me, so I thought I’d start scanning a few things and posting them up. Here’s the first image, taken from a series of pages where I put the characters into scenes from movies I liked as a kid.

Zombie Chicken Sales!

The ever lovin’ (or should that be “ever hatin”?) Zombie Chicken just had its first t-shirt sale. Thanks to the mystery buyer who grabbed it, puts a big smile on my face when these types of designs make their way out into the world :-)

It also had some sticker sale action recently (and I think I’ll order a few of these myself)



Different Approaches To Superheroes - Daredevil

Following on from my previous journal that featured different artists interpretations of Batman, here’s a gallery of different artists approaching the character of Daredevil.













(Non) Traditional Approaches To Superheroes - Batman

I’ve been reading comics since I was a kid, never really stopped. And while my tastes have shifted in many directions over the years I still get a kick out of a good superhero story. I also get a huge kick out of seeing different artists interpretations of the same hero, especially when they’re artists who generally work outside of the superhero genre. So here are a bunch of fantastic Batman pieces, hope you also get a kick out of them.

Rafael Grampa

Paul Pope

Gary Gianni

John Paul Leon


Eddie Campbell

Kent Williams

J H Williams III

Mike Mignola

Darwyn Cooke

Tim Sale

Frank Quitely

There are many many more I’d like to post up but I think I’ve already posted too many for one journal.


Challenges You Need To Enter, Plus Some Group Thanks And Sales

Over at the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination there’s a new weekly challenge up HERE along with another monthly challenge HERE

And there’s still time to enter the Rapt In Tentacles collaboration challenge HERE

Big thanks to the following groups for featuring the below designs over the last few days.

T-ME! with Public Service Announcement

HORRORAMA with One Way Ticket

GRINDHOUSE (A GO-GO) and REAL MEN WEAR TIGHTS with oh well, I’m tired and so weary

WEAR YOUR ART with Me And My Shadow

And further thanks to the fine people who have scored these t-shirts recently!

I’ve also sold a few more original pieces that are the basis for some t-shirt designs. If you have a particular design that you’re fond of and would like to score the original art for it d

Leroy Madness

I thought I’d do a little inventory of the t-shirts and prints I’ve got on RB featuring my favourite character Leroy. A few of these are variations of the same design, but even still I was quite amazed when I realised there are 41 t-shirts and 37 prints featuring his likeness!…

Leroy first appeared in my graphic novel Lonely Monsters. He was a combination of comic relief and me just looking for an excuse to draw a gas mask on a regular basis. Initially he was going to be killed off after just one scene but was too much fun to write and draw so I kept him around. Since then he’s gone on to grace the above mentioned t-shirts and prints, appears in the sporadic LM2 webcomic, had a custom toy made in his likeness, and will also appear in a new graphic novel I’m currently writing (which wil

Web Stuff

Here are a few links to the other corners of the web that I’m frequently haunting. There will be some more additions to this shortly. In June I’ll finally be able to share some of the work I’ve been doing for the M+M project. A lot of that info will be appearing on my main website, and a special new blog that will be launching, but I’ll no doubt be dropping more info here when the time comes.



Feature Gallery And Upcoming Journal/Interview

I recently won a challenge over at the Real Men Wear Tights group, resulting in this great mini-showcase of my work being posted on their page…

Also, as one of the new co-hosts with the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination, I’m organising the weekly challenges for this month. If you head over HERE you can take part in a Sci-Fi themed challenge (just a couple of days left to get your entries in).

I’ll also be doing some journals/tutorials for the group. The first, focusing on inking techniques, will hopefully be up next week. I’m holding off on posting it up as part of the journal will include an interview with Jason Shawn Alexander, a fantastic artist whose ink work is out of this world!



Feature And Sales Thanks

I think this Leroy piece……

…has outdone itself this week. On top of more sales someone contacted me to purchase the original inked piece of art. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling whenever an original Leroy piece goes out into the world, so a big thanks to the buyer (you know who you are). Considering I’ve got a whole stack of them I should probably make more available. Etsy maybe? Speaking of Leroy, looks like he’ll finally be having his own exhibition, wall-to-wall painted gas-masked lunacy, sometime around September (but I won’t say any more about that until it’s all locked in and I continue to focus on my July exhibition).

Thank you also to the following groups for the recent features…




A wonderfully strange moment

I was out this morning grabbing a few things from the grocery store, turned the corner into another aisle, and came face to face with someone wearing this!

Put a big smile on my dial. Then as I was returning home I saw someone wearing an old screen-printed Lonely Monsters t-shirt that I had done a few years ago.

My morning was invaded with my own art, a very peculiar and fun experience.


LM2 - PAGE08

After finishing this page I couldn’t stop thinking about Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory :-)



Lonely Monsters First Printing - Only 2 Copies Left!

I’m down to the last 2 copies of the Lonely Monsters graphic novel. 140 pages of zombie mayhem (that also features the first appearance of Leroy), accompanied by a signed print and CD soundtrack (both items only available with the graphic novel). If you’re interested in grabbing a copy drop me a line. I’ve found a few old LM shirts I had printed up at Cafepress awhile back as well, so if I have one in your size I’ll throw it in with the book.…

The book is also available at, but has had all the bonus art and pin-ups removed (reducing it to 86 pages), so this is the last chance to grab the beefcake edition :-)

I’m making a long-overdue trip to the post office later this week as well, so to the people waiting on signed posters and a few other things your wait is nearly over. Sorr

Feature Thanks!

Huge thanks to the following groups for featuring the following pieces!

DARK ARTISTS, DARK ART featured Dying Days

and Born Into Trouble (which landed in the top 10 of their t-shirt challenge)

GRINDHOUSE (A GO-GO) featured Leroy Noir #2

FRIENDS OF REDBUBBLE featured Cuppatentacles (a collaboration between myself and fellow Rapt In Tentacles group host Sturstein)

INTERNATIONAL SUPERHEROES OF DRAWING, ILLUSTRATION AND WORLD DOMINATION featured A Zombie VS Robin Hood (which also landed in the top 10 of their Zombie Nation challenge)

Thanks folks!


Upcoming Collaboration Challenge!!!

The Rapt In Tentacles Group will soon be launching a fun new challenge and we’re trying to get as many people involved as possible.

Sturstein and I have collaborated on new tentacle-themed illustration and want everyone to join in and finish the piece off in their own special way. This is what we’ve done….

….and we’d like to see people take this and run with it. The challenge will launch early next week, with more details and a higher resolution version of the pencils being posted. We’ll be leaving it open for awhile to give everyone plenty of time to do what they want to do with it.

Until then pop over to Rapt In Tentacles and join up.



Feature And Sales Thanks

Big thanks to the REDemption group for recently featuring Leroy Has A Moment

And to WTF Are You Wearing? for featuring my Swingin’ Chimp t-shirt

Thanks also to everyone who’s been following my process journals this week. The final piece will be ready to post up shortly.

And lastly, big thanks to the mystery buyers who have picked up these shirts throughout the week



Process Journal - Part Six

Some background tones. I put this at the top half of the image to assist with a sense of movement/mood where the main action is, plus his pants will be solid black so I thought it would work better to leave the space around them mostly white/empty.

Still feeling quite sick today so I think I’ll be splitting my time between getting more work done and watching some more episodes of Breaking Bad :-)


Process Journal - Part Five

In comes the grey wash. There’s a reason the tentacle is the only coloured part of this piece (and all the pieces in the exhibition) but I won’t go into a big long winded explanation just now. Maybe later, maybe not, but it all ties into the overall theme of the art and what the tentacle itself represents within the context of the story.

Part Six will pop up a little later. I’ve come down with a nasty bug and need a little nap first :-)


Process Journal - Part Four

Initial application of watercolours. After this I’ll do something with the background, then finish off the rest of the figure. Watercolours are a truly unforgiving medium, very hard to recover from any mistakes, so I’m taking my time with these pieces. Especially the smaller ones (this is 20cm x 25cm). After this one I’ll be starting on one of the larger 50cm x 75cm pieces, a daunting but exciting prospect as it’s a much larger scale than I generally work in.

Step 5 should go up a bit later.


Process Journal - Part Three

Basic ink work. I don’t fill in all the solid areas at this stage as I’ll be applying watercolours over this. So I wait until that’s done before going back over the inks and filling the solid black areas in.

Step Four coming soon (I’ll probably post the watercolour phase in a few steps, otherwise there’ll be too big a gap between updates).


Process Journal - Part Two

The second part of the process, where the pencils are tightened up a little and things start to make a bit more sense (well, as much sense as a man trying to rip a tentacle from his mouth can make anyway).

Step three to follow (after I make another cup of coffee).


Process Journal - Part One

I thought I’d post up another process journal today while I work on one of the new pieces for my upcoming July exhibition. Here’s the first part of the process, a very rough sketch.

Part two will be posted shortly.


Challenge Win And A Bunch Of Other Updates

I was thrilled to discover that I recently came in equal 1st place over in the T-ME! group’s Circles And Lines Challenge with this piece……

Meanwhile, A Zombie VS Robin Hood continues its feature streak, this time over at Horrorama (thanks folks!)

That pesky monkey (who makes everything more fun) and Leroy continue to battle it out in the sales arena, with these 2 designs going tit for tat at the moment.

A big thanks to the mystery buyers who have been giving these 2 designs so much love.

Rapt In Tentacles (the group I co-host with the wonderful Sturstein) will soon be launching a new challenge. We’ve both had so much fun collaborating on a couple of pieces that we’ve decided to open up the floor to let others join in the fun. So later this week we’ll be posting a collaborative pencil

Feature Thanks

Thanks to the following groups for featuring the following pieces of late. And LM2 comic page was featured which was great, always nice to see my sequential art get some love :-)

LAKE OF FIRE was featured at HORRORAMA



LM2 – PAGE07 was also featured at REAL MEN WEAR TIGHTS




Thanks again folks!


What Makes A Good Cover?

The cover of any book will always be the first thing to grab your eye, and comics are no exception. For a long time the artist responsible for the interior work also produced the covers (in a large number of cases anyway). However during the 80’s there was a big shift in having other artists take over the cover duties. Sometimes this would add to the overall feel of the book quite well. Other times it would result in major disappointment (especially during the period where Mike Mignola was doing extensive cover work on books where the interior art left a lot to be desired).…

So what draws your eye? Is it the art itself? The design? Do particular colours grab your eye more than others? I know I’m a total sucker for the shade of blue that’s so muted that it’s almost grey, so if it fe


Just put this new deck up at my zazzle store…

It’s been awhile since I put anything new up at zazzle, but I’m thinking of flooding my store with new skateboard designs because they’re so much fun to put together :-)


Leroy kicks some Monkey butt in the sales arena

While this little sucker…

…continues to experience regular sales, the last few weeks it’s taken a back seat to some increased sales on a few Leroy-centric designs.

The Hunt Continues #2 (which I’ve started calling “Fat Leroy” as he seems a little portly in this particular image hehe)

You Got A Problem?

and Alone In The Dark (one of these is heading to the Rust household, which fills me with glee)

The Gardener has also clocked up a few more sales of late

Thanks to all the folks who have purchased these of late. If some random bearded gentleman runs up and gives you a hug while you’re on the streets wearing any of these shirts try not to panic, it’s more than likely me :-)


LM2 PAGE07 (finally!)

Back by popular (?) demand after a longer than expected break. I’ve got a few new pages in the can so as I focus on upcoming projects (July Exhibition, new comic series, art/toy collaboration) any super-busy periods shouldn’t slow down the fun.

Click HERE to go to the larger version.


Feature Thanks

Big thanks to the following groups for featuring the below pieces!

Core [C.O.R.E] featured You Got A Problem?

WTF Are You Wearing? featured I Got Stripes

International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination featured J. Merrick

GRINDHOUSE (A GO-GO) gave me a double-thrill by featuring both The Soldier

as well as Alone In The Dark

If It Doesn’t Belong featured Born Into Trouble

Dark Artists, Dark Art featured You’ll Find Him In The Shadows

Thanks again to all these groups for shining a light on my art, it’s always appreciated.

A few of these features came about as a result of coming in the top 10 of some challenges. A couple of which hit 2nd place…..always the bridesmaid ;-)


Group Thanks

Thanks to the below groups for recently featuring the following pieces, it’s always much appreciated!


GRINDHOUSE (A GO-GO) featured both The Gardener

and Robin Hood VS A Zombie

THE DARK CELL and HALLOWEEN both featured Bloodsucker

FRIENDS OF REDBUBBLE featured supersuavemonkeymofo

And You Got A Problem?" was featured on the *RB T-Shirts Page

Thanks again folks!

What Are You Reading?

Just finished this wonderful little slice of lunacy…

The story is hilariously messed up, and the artwork is amazing.

And for all my fellow comic geeks here’s a great pin-up by Mesmo creator R. Grampa of Daredevil

I can’t get enough of his art, it tickles my brain and makes me happy :-)


Just took this photo from my backyard where a fire is raging within 100 metres of my home!!!! We walked past the place prior to the fire, got home, then looked outside and it was ablaze.


What Are You Reading?

I’m still working my way through my “unread” pile of books, mostly graphic novels and trade paperback collections.…

Finally got around to this wonderful piece of storytelling….

Brubaker and Phillips make an incredible team. They’ve previously work together on a number of titles (such as Sleeper and Criminal) but this is my favourite release from them to date.

Prior to this I finished reading….

Fantastic story by Milligan (who has a long history with the character of John Constantine) accompanied by the absolutely stunning artwork of Jock.

I became a big fan of Jock’s art during his run on The Losers, and his cover work on various titles. His cover work has always been quite different to his internal work, mostly in relation to the colours/tones/textures, and the Hellblazer book is the

Special Offer For Any Zombie-Lovin' Bubblers

Hi folks

If you read my journals you will know that I recently put my first graphic novel, LONELY MONSTERS, back into print via Lulu. It’s an 86 page black/white/grey graphic novel all about my own suburb of Brunswick being over-run by zombies. It’s also the first appearance of Leroy, that gas-masked chap that appears in a lot of my art and designs.

I also recently put a 100 page full colour art book up at Lulu, NO ONE MAKES THE PARTS THAT I NEED, collecting my best work from 2009 (and some from 2010). So here’s the special deal. If you order a copy of this….

…and send me through your order confirmation and email details I’ll send you a free PDF copy of LONELY MONSTERS!



Features And Sales

I’ve stopped mentioning sales in journals recently after a few people said they thought it was a bit crass/arrogant to do so. I don’t really think it is because it’s always done in a genuine “Thank You” kinda way, but I can see how people could take it the wrong way (even if it is a bit crass/arrogant to tell me so ZING!!!!! hehe). However, yesterday I had my first ever poster sale, courtesy of the always charming Adrian Carmody, who scored one of my personal favourite pieces…..…

The last few days have been riddled with stress and worry, so this sale put a nice smile on my dial knowing that one of my favourite children is going to a home where it’ll be appreciated. Thanks again Adrian :-)

I sold a few more “Everything’s More Fun With Monkeys” shirts this week, but anyone reading this j

Inspiration: An Interview

1. What’s your favourite artistic tool or piece of equipment (past, present or dream)?…

Ink (and something to splash it around with)….or Photoshop. Hard to decide between the 2 because I use them both hand-in-hand for most pieces.

2. Which work are you most proud of and why?

Probably this….

….because of the response it’s received and continues to receive. I’ve got other pieces that mean more to me, but there’s something about this image that seems to make people smile, which is wonderful. Plus it’s also had 3 other RB artists pay tribute to it via their own art, and I can’t think of a better compliment than that :-)

3. Which artwork by a fellow RB artist do you secretly wish you’d created and why?


….because it makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. Plus Smokebelch is


Lonely Monsters, my first graphic novel originally published in late 2008, is now up at lulu with a brand new cover. It’s still an A4 sized black/white/grey chunk of zombie nastiness, however I stripped it back and removed a bunch of the old pin-ups that appeared in the first printing (purely to keep the price low, and also because most of those images can be viewed at my website or RB gallery anyway).

Speaking of zombies, I came in first place for the recent Wearable Art Challenge over at the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination group with this creepy (unfortunate) bastard :-)

Thanks to everyone who voted for it!


Feature Thanks

I’ve had a very busy/challenging week. Got a pile of work done but it’s nothing I can really show anyone at the moment, hopefully won’t have to wait too long though :-)

A few different pieces of mine were featured this week, thanks to the groups who chose them, much appreciated!







What Are You Watching?

Seen any good movies lately?

I watched The Devil’s Rejects today (for about the 1000th time, still love every dirty second of it). On the weekend we finally got a chance to watch this masterpiece….

I saw the original cut at the Drive-In, and watched it on DVD since, but this ultimate cut is pure genius. It goes for nearly 4 hours, but at no point do you think “Man, this is going on forever!!!”


Feature Thanks

Big thanks to the below groups for recently featuring the below pieces!

GRINDHOUSE (A GO-GO) featured both OUCH!





Thanks folks, it’s always appreciated :-)


Artists That Inspire

People often ask me about my own artistic influences, of which there are many. But for anyone interested here’s a quick list of artists who always inspire me (be it via their technique or their approach to their own work).



















And I’ll stop it there otherwise this list will go on and on and on (I haven’t even started listing some of the amazing artists here on RB, think I’ll save that for another entry).


Homepage Feature And Exhibition Update

My creepy communist fighting bird from LM2 has been featured on the homepage (via his very own t-shirt).

And a quick reminder that the Halftone Heroes Exhibition wraps up this coming Sunday. It’s been a fantastic experience putting this exhibition together, and I’m already planning my next show. But til then, race along and check out the Halftone Heroes at The Owl And The Pussy Cat Gallery, 34 Swan Street, Richmond (opposite Richmond train station).


What Are You Listening To?

My listening habits vary depending on what I’m doing, and mostly what I’m working on. In the early stages of a new art project I generally listen to instrumental music, that way I can be sure that the words of others aren’t having too heavy an influence on my work. This usually involves music by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, The Album Leaf, Dirty Three, Library Tapes, and others.…

When I’m working on the more technical aspects of the project, like inking/colouring/etc, I’ll generally listen to SModcast (the always hilarious weekly podcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier) or one of the many laugh-filled Ricky Gervais podcasts (Karl Pilkington kills and makes me laugh far too much).

And other times I’ll choose what to listen to based on my own mood. This tends to resul

What Are You Reading?

Since my workload has finally eased off a bit I’ve been catching up on some reading. Funny thing is that, while I’ve got a stack of unread books waiting for me to get to them, I find that I’ve been re-reading some old favourites. I basically bounce between the two options. Read a new book, then an old one, and so it goes.…

I’m currently re-reading one of my favourite graphic novels to be released in recent years…

The Essex Country Trilogy by Jeff Lemire is a beautifully tender and very human story. Lemire is a creative genius. In this era of “meta” and various high concept craziness running rampant in the world of comics it’s heartwarming to see people still creating art that focuses on the emotions and humanity of the story. Lemire also did The Nobody…

…and also does the monthly s

Features And Sales Thanks

Big thanks to the shoppers who grabbed the below t-shirts recently…

And also to the below groups for the featuring the following pieces…



Thanks again!



Big thanks to the following groups for featuring the following stuff :-)

GRINDHOUSE (A GO-GO) and Melbourne & Victoria

Cartoon Critters






100 pages, all colour, some double-page spreads. I’ve been wanting to present my art in this way for some time and decided to use my week off to get it together. I sorted through over 200 pieces of art, with all but a few pieces being from the last 12 months (those few pieces were older pencils/inks that I coloured and reworked), and chose my own personal favourites to include in the book. It’s broken down into a few chapters, but I decided to not include any writing as originally planned (outside of the table of contents and a few comic pages). This one’s all about the art. Within this book you’ll find all the different pieces of my fractured creative mind/universe. Leroy, monkeys, William Henry Fletcher, zombies, halftone heroes, Charles Manson, and more.


Feature And Sales Thanks

Thanks to the below groups for the following features…..



International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination

Real Men Wear Tights


And a big thanks also to the various shoppers who recently grabbed these t-shirts…..

Thanks again!


Monkeys, Tentacles, or Gas Masks?

It’s a very strange feeling for the exhibition to be up and running, mostly because I’ve been focusing on the artwork for it for so long now and I’m at a loss as to what to do. I was walking around last night with fidgety hands wriggling about and saying “I feel like I should be working through a list of things that need to get done”.

I’m going to do a new piece tonight, and wasn’t sure where to start, so went through the following thought process…..

“Monkeys are always fun, and I haven’t drawn one for awhile”
“But I should do a tentacle themed piece for the Rapt In Tentacles group”
“Although, it has been awhile since I did a new Leroy illustration”
“Maybe I should try and do something that features all three”

Let’s see how this turns out shall we :-)

Exhibition Thanks

Big thanks to the RB folks that came along to the exhibition opening last night. It was great to meet a few of you in person, hope you enjoyed the show :-)

The exhibition went really well, much bigger turnout than I was expecting. And after being locked away in the studio for months now it was kinda surreal to “work the room” as it were. A lot of fun though.

The exhibition runs til 21st February. I’ll be in there myself on the weekends throughout the that time, so if you’re in the neighbourhood (34 Swan Street, Richmond) pop in and say hi.



One last exhibition sneak peek

Before I grab some rest ahead of a very busy day I thought I’d share a page of mine from the Halftone Heroes Exhibition. This is a splash page from the comic sequence I’ve produced that covers what little is known about WHF’s life.


Who Killed The Radio Star?

Video, apparently, but that’s largely irrelevant. What is relevant is that I’ll be appearing on Melbourne’s RRR 102.7FM tomorrow morning. Tune in around 9:30am to hear myself and Jason (the fine young gentleman that runs The Owl And The Pussycat) discuss the gallery and my Halftone Heroes Exhibition (opening tomorrow night).

I’ve never done anything like this before, so chances are I’ll either talk too much or barely say a word, either way it’s a new experience and should be interesting and fun.


Drawing Hands

Below is a panel from one of the comic pages that will be in the Halftone Heroes Exhibition

There isn’t really anything special about it, but for some I really like the mood of it. I also really like drawing hands, whereas in the past I used to hate drawing them, mostly because I couldn’t. They’d always end up looking like someone had stapled a few sausages to a potato or something. So one day I sat down and forced myself to draw nothing but hands until I found my own groove with them.

And now they often feature quite prominently in my work, such as the images below. I tried the same approach with cars and horses, and while I can draw them I try to avoid it as much as possible :-)


#1 on LoveBento today

LOVEBENTO is a weekly love-fest that goes around online and via email that details all the cool shit going on around Melbourne.…

And I just found out that I’m #1 in the latest update! Very exciting, especially with the Halftone Heroes exhibition coming up soon.

Speaking of the exhibition, the most recent poster I designed to promote the show seems to have really clicked with people, so I’m going to get a whole bunch of them printed up for sale at the show. I’m a big fan of giving everyone a chance to walk out of a show with something, which is why I’ve decided to do an unlimited run of those posters to sign and sell for $10. That’s right, TEN BUCKS!!!! I know that not everyone can afford a limited/signed print or a piece of original art, so this will hopefully put a few smiles on a few

Another Exhibition Flyer

With under a fortnight to go the pre-show nerves are rattling around a bit. This is my most ambitious project to date, and the exhibition is just the first step in a journey that can be best described as my own personal love letter to the world of comic books, and the passion I’ve had for them for as long as I can remember :-)

I hope to see you there :-)

Feature Thanks

Big thanks to the following groups for featuring the following pieces. Be sure to click on the name of each group to be taken to their respective homepages.




WTF ARE YOU WEARING and was also featured during the week on the RB T-Shirts Homepage.


Thanks again to everyone involved in those groups.

RAPT IN TENTACLES recently wrapped up its first challenge and is always keen on having new people come and join, so check it out if you haven’t already. The majority of my time has been taken up with exhibition preparations of late but I’m working on a few new tentacled pieces to post up soon.



Exhibition Info/Background

I’ve long been fascinated by artists that create out of need/compulsion, often keeping large portions (and sometimes all) of their art hidden from the world.…

Henry Darger is the equivalent of a God in that regard, deeply moving and inspiring, his art/writings like giant puzzles. Only problem is that the man that made the puzzles is dead, and he didn’t give anyone a cheat sheet before leaving, so the only answers we can ever hope to find are the ones that result from our own connections and interpretations of his work.

Daniel Johnston has the same impact on me in ways. And, thankfully, he is still alive. However any answers he chooses to provide just seem to raise more questions.

And then there’s William Henry Fletcher. A man about which there is little known (and as it turns out to be

Longest Illustration Contribution

For those that don’t know about it the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination are putting together the Longest Illustration

Here’s where it’s at so far in all it’s mad glory….

And here’s my contribution (which will be added to the main piece soon)

If you haven’t got your name down to participate then head on over and join in the fun :-)


Feature Thanks!

Thanks to the below groups for featuring the below pieces, it’s always greatly appreciated.


were featured at in-between

was featured in Yellow Two

was featured over at HALLOWEEN


were featured at Real Men Wear Tights

was featured over at International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination

Thanks again folks!


Halftone Heroes Exhibition/Print/Website

Despite my initial restlessness it looks like my recent break from the studio did some good as I’m feeling completely recharged and focused. I’m now back at work on the Halftone Heroes exhibition (details below). The show will feature original art by William Henry Fletcher, a comic book artist born in the early 20’s, as well as my own artistic tribute to WHF’s art and life (or what little is known about it). Below are the front and back of a postcard that will be hitting the streets soon (the first image will also be available as a limited/signed print on the night).

I’ve also launched my official website (finally). It’s pretty bare-boned right now, but I’ll be beefing it up over the next few weeks, and it will soon be the home of LM2 and other things.


desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait