New Adventures

Music has always had a powerful influence on my life and art. Often when working on something I’ll be trying to capture the same feelings within my work that a particular song has on me. For some time now the most influential/inspirational music has been that of a band called Crippled Black Phoenix. Their music fills about 80% of my studio playlist, and with the themes and concepts being on a very similar wavelength to my own work I almost feel like they’re my studio partners.

And now, in a way, they are. I’ve been working on pieces for a new exhibition built around their music, which has resulted in me now working with the band on their new album and also producing the below t-shirt design for their upcoming tour.

If you click on the above image it’ll take you to their FB page (with a new official page being worked on and launching soon).

To say this is a dream project wouldn’t be entirely true because my level of involvement is beyond the scope of anything I’ve done or thought I would have the chance to do. I never thought it possible to dream of such things, it’s exciting beyond belief.

On top of this I’m continuing to work on the new Leroy comic series (a title and cover will be available to post soon-ish). This series is taking Leroy in a very different direction which is very rewarding to work on. Made all the more rewarding by the fact that the various flashback sequences of the comic are being inked by Mick Gray. It’s a total honour to be working with Mick, my favourite comic book inker in the industry who has worked on many of my favourite books (most notably Promethea) and is currently inking the ongoing Batman & Robin series.

This new series will hopefully be released later in the year. In the mean time work has begun on another new Leroy comic, something very different to any comic I’ve put together before that has me really excited (but I’m still working out a few details with that before announcing anything concrete).

With all of these projects kicking into high gear it impacts on the time I have available for maintaining various online things. So while I’ll still be around RB to post up my daily sketch journals and other things, the frequency of new t-shirts being uploaded this year will be much lower than 2010 (which, lets be honest, is probably a good thing, considering I created over 200 t-shirts last year hehe you’ll all probably enjoy a break from the previous onslaught!).




  • Zombie Rust
    Zombie Rustalmost 4 years ago

    Crippled Black Phoenix and all those great bands that their members come from (Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard, Mogwai, Gonga etc) are a big influence on me too and I’m a fan since day one. That’s a perfect design to represent the band my friend.

    Looking forward to your future plans my man, good luck.

  • Thanks man. They’re a band who have had a definite plan since day one, but one that is always evolving and growing stronger/more focused. To be a part of that is crazy. The fan part of me is saying ‘But I won’t have the same new album anticipation anymore!‘, then the rest of me screams ’That’s because you’ll be part of its creation you fool, shut the f#ck up!’ hehe :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • Zombie Rust
    Zombie Rustalmost 4 years ago

    So, shut the f#ck up and enjoy it. Your achieving some serious greatness here.
    Really now, this is serious stuff, congratulations again…

  • Thanks bro, it’s a definite game-changer for me, something I’m embracing in a huge way.

    – matthewdunnart

  • Sturstein
    Stursteinalmost 4 years ago

    So who instigated the collaboration? Did they contact you, or did you go all fan-boy and heap them under so much praise they resorted to the only way they could shut you up?

  • It evolved very naturally, and quite quickly, as a result of the exhibition plans.

    – matthewdunnart

  • Azellah
    Azellahalmost 4 years ago

    Nice work on this tee Matthew, love the bag texture. Congrats and all the best on the upcoming exhibit and the collaboration!

  • Thanks a lot. I’ve already started filling a sketchbook with new designs and ideas, my brain’s in art-overdrive right now, it’s great :-)

    – matthewdunnart