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The Process (animated version)

I woke up this morning to discover one of my good friends had put this together for me.

That’s a really nice thing to wake up to. I’m glad people got a kick of out me sharing my process in this way, I’ll definitely be doing it again soon. Might make it a monthly thing if people are interested in me doing that.

Below are links to each of the separate steps…





  • Matt Mawson
    Matt Mawsonover 4 years ago

    It’s fascinating to see how you work, Matthew. Thanks for posting these.

  • Thanks Matt :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • Octochimp Designs
    Octochimp Designsover 4 years ago

    awesome. I was going to suggest putting ‘back’ and ‘forward’ links in each of the journals so you could move around them, but this is so much better. Great stuff.!!

  • Thanks man :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • obsintaur
    obsintaurover 4 years ago

    Your willingness to share your knowledge is a wonderful thing.

  • Thanks a lot Stewart :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • scottimages
    scottimagesover 4 years ago

    I think it’s fantastic that you show your work flow with us. A little bit of your brain is an awesome thing…… no wonder you have a zombie fascination ;-)

    Now, this animation….. that totally rocks!!! very cool indeed. Thankyou to you both :))

  • Thanks Rosemary. My friend’s going to give a few of my other process journals the same treatment, so I’ll be posting them up soon :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • scottimages
    scottimagesover 4 years ago

    hmmm….. can I make that “share your workflow with us”….. edit button please!
    zombies have been eating my brain methinks…..

  • hehehe :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • DAMcD
    DAMcDover 4 years ago

    You guys are onto something…. totally packageable as tutorials on the net. Teaching drawing can be a frustrating process (9 outa 10 students wanna start with details), especially when the wannabe doesn’t appreciate the structural sketches and development, this however reinforces the fact that life drawing isn’t just plucked from one’s bottom (ye, it can, but that’s a whole different style, as in auto-surrealist-visceral-abstraction. Also, one who can draw directly in perspective often has a whole lot of invisible mental structural lines on the paper). Onyas!!!

  • He’s in the process of putting a few more of these images together using some other process journals. I might put them all up on my website, make it a bit fancier n’ stuff :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • Sturstein
    Stursteinover 4 years ago

    You’ve got some pretty neat friends. I’ve been meaning to video capture one of my pieces for ages now, but it just never seems to happen. I’ve been saving the stages of my second Elektra piece, so I’ll post them all in the thread once it’s finished :)

  • James  Guinnevan Seymour
    James Guinnev...over 4 years ago

    wkd stuff and good on your friend for putting it together.Its a real pleasure to see your process and you are right to jus get stuck in ,redoing or goin from sketches you often lose that initial vitality .Often my sketches are just a general idea and then the finished product I reeally hammer at it

  • It’s definitely worth making the odd mistake in order to retain that vitality. And sometimes those mistakes can add to the piece as well….not always, but sometimes :-)

    – matthewdunnart

  • James  Guinnevan Seymour
    James Guinnev...over 4 years ago

    Maca Damian is dead on ,start with basics and then from there ,after a while and enough practice it becomes more direct

  • Coldtown
    Coldtownover 4 years ago

    I just don’t understand the transition from 3 to 4! Where are the sketch marks? I want to be able to do that! By the way, is this an animated gif?

  • The sketches are done at A5 size, which I then enlarge to A4, put a fresh piece of paper over the top and use the underlying sketch as a map for the proper image. I started doing this because I’m a heavy-handed lefty and my penciled pages end up with deep pencil grooves as well as lead smeared across the page, so this way I can keep what will be the final original piece much cleaner :-) And yep, that’s an animated gif.

    – matthewdunnart