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Matthew Bonnington

Matthew Bonnington

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom

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Back up, back up, BACK UP!!!

Read it, learn it, repeat it like a mantra.

I used to host my personal site on some servers that a friend and I used to own. Recently things have started to change and he has decided to close the servers down. No worries, I have other space I’ll just transfer.
This friend of mine told me that I had 3 days to get the info off and downloaded. Again, no worries, loads of time.

So I log onto the server thinking I’ve got 2 days left and BANG….nothing. No photos, no html, no php, no database. NOTHING. My friend got it wrong and they close as soon as you ask – no weeks grace.
A bit annoying, but again, no worries, I’ve got multiple back ups!!!!

No. No I don’t. I’m that stupid that I thought “ah well, the hosting company will back up all 500 photographs and code, so I don’t need to clog up my computer with them”.

I cried…..I cried like a baby.

So the moral to this story is back up everything, in triplicate. I recently bought a DVD burner, thank you Craig, and am burning like a man possessed. 500 photos gone is a sobering lesson.


  • Patricia L. Ballard
    Patricia L. Ba...over 7 years ago

    So sorry, Matthew. You have my sympathy. I’ll remember your lesson. Plus, I’ll try to remember to back up more off my hard drive. Crashes can erase stuff there, too.

  • Sarah Moore
    Sarah Mooreover 7 years ago

    Oh this really sucks. I had a moment of sheer panic a month or so ago where my computer died. All my work, photos and memories gone, luckily I was able to resurect it enough to get everything onto disc. I then went out and bought a very large external drive!!!!!

  • Michelle422
    Michelle422over 7 years ago

    How devastating for you! I have worried that I keep too many copies of files on the computer and USB etc. but apparently my OC behaviour is a blessing. Best wishes, Michelle.

  • David Sundstrom
    David Sundstromover 7 years ago

    Ouch, I’ve also learnt that lesson …

    Though these days I keep my backups on an external HD, much less effort than burning multiple DVD’s with the number of photos I take these days.

  • Amanda Cole
    Amanda Coleover 7 years ago

    I feel for you and thank you for the reminder! we all could use this reminder…. goes with everything though doesnt it! fotograph your possessions in case you ever get robbed, your license and bank cards and all that in case you lose them!

  • dawesy
    dawesyover 7 years ago

    Ouch. A timely reminder, I’ve been planning on getting my backup process in order but haven’t… SO SLACK!

  • Craig Goldsmith
    Craig Goldsmithover 7 years ago

    Oh Matt! I’m so sad for you, that is not good not good at all. (Are you sure you cant get at the hosting sites, backup, or google cache or something?). That’s tragic really tragic, can I suggest when your burning that you burn 2 copies of everything and keep a second copy offsite (at work or at parents house or something).

    I’m very sorry for your loss.

  • Leanne Robson
    Leanne Robsonover 7 years ago

    My heart goes out to you Matthew.

    I’ve got the burner and plenty of discs, it’s the process of just doing it that get put off. I think my new job for today is “BACKING UP”

    I’m sorry for you loss but thank you for the reminder.

  • joolz
    joolzover 7 years ago

    Thanks. You never think that it is going to happen to you.

  • Craig Goldsmith
    Craig Goldsmithover 7 years ago

    Any luck getting your images back from the hosting company ?