Matthew Bonnington

Matthew Bonnington

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom

Back up, back up, BACK UP!!!

Read it, learn it, repeat it like a mantra.

I used to host my personal site on some servers that a friend and I used to own. Recently things have started to change and he has decided to close the servers down. No worries, I have other space I’ll just transfer.
This friend of mine told me that I had 3 days to get the info off and downloaded. Again, no worries, loads of time.

So I log onto the server thinking I’ve got 2 days left and BANG….nothing. No photos, no html, no php, no database. NOTHING. My friend got it wrong and they close as soon as you ask – no weeks grace.
A bit annoying, but again, no worries, I’ve got multiple back ups!!!!

No. No I don’t. I’m that stupid that I thought “ah well, the hosting company will back up all 500 photographs and code, so I don’t need to clog up my computer with them”.

I cried…..I cried like a baby.

So the moral to this story is back up everything, in triplicate. I recently bought a DVD burner, thank you Craig, and am burning like a man possessed. 500 photos gone is a sobering lesson.

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