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Matthew Bonnington

Matthew Bonnington

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom

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Inarticulate thank you's

This is all very strange to me – I’ve never blogged in my life (I know, I’ve been hiding under a rock :) ).
But my first post is a thank you to those who have bought some cards of mine. Many thanks. I really am very honoured.

It’s a strange feeling when it happens. Suddenly there is someone else in the world who likes what you’ve done, likes it enough to buy it. I can’t really express this as articulately as I’d like but it’s just a very weird thing. This site is awesome – the ability to hook up with like minded individuals is cool as, but the bonus of buying and selling artwork is just amazing.

Now that I’ve slowly become addicted to RB I’m going to have to hone my writing and blogging skills.


  • Craig Goldsmith
    Craig Goldsmithover 7 years ago

    Congrats Matt, I wanted to be your first… sigh but someone has beat me too it and well done to them. Here is to many more sales, and come on a self portrait guru like yourself should have something as your profile picture, it helps you stand out from the crowd!
    Congrats again!

  • emmajc
    emmajcover 7 years ago

    Congratulations Matt, I am sure from a quick look through your work that there will be many more sales. Emma

  • Craig Goldsmith
    Craig Goldsmithover 7 years ago

    Hey Matt, your profile pic looks good, and I love the Anzac Bridge shot.