Painting images with Photoshop

Originally, I printed the Million Woman March as a split-toned fiber base print on Kodak Fine Art paper. The central image was masked before the print is tone in Kodak Brown Toner. The mask was then removed and a brush was used in Selenium toner is used on the central image.
The digital print closely approaches what I created in the darkroom but I still miss the paper that I used to print it on. Using photoshops masking techniques I separated the central image while working to create the warm tone that I wanted for the rest of the print. Then using the lasso tool to separate the young woman from the rest of the print I edited the color variations until it matched what I felt I had done in the original printing. The program offers the ability to change the mid-tones, ect. and offers the ability to change the density of the print. I did a wedding this way using the paint brush and different levels of opacity. Lightly coloring in the different patterns of clothing using pastels thoughout. This technique is great for high key portraits.
I did try to scan the original print once, and found that the toner that I used in the paper caused a false image to appear on the monitor from the reflective qualities of the toner.

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