Nip/tuck photography 101

Most of the images seen on my homepage will be redone in the future. At the present I use a variety of equipment. My work is presently film based and is converted into a digitally scanned image. This sometimes is photoshopped but most times is not. Since my work is film based, I am currently looking for a decent film scanner for cleaner scans.
My technique is sometimes anywhere from 2 to 6 images and up into a single photograph. All which is done inside the camera. There is no photoshop done to the image what you see is what is on the fim base. The only time that photoshop is incorporated is when an excessive amount of dust shows up in the print.
The Washington Monument with the lightning is shot on kodak slide film. The exposure is 20 minutes at F.16 w/ a 70-80mm with a canon F1. The fireworks are shot with a Nikon F-5 w/ a 24-50mm 2.8 at f.8 w/ 400 iso film. There are 5 exposures on top of one another to complete this image. I used a black piece of material to block unwanted air traffic while uncovering the lens to capture the fireworks that I wanted on film. My digital camera is a Kodak 720x incorporated into a Nikon F-5 body that way I don’t have to learn a new camera when I’m switching from film to digital in the middle of a fast shoot.

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