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Mathew Reed Presents: Mister Gangley's Three Ring Circus

PODspace Gallery presents – Mathew Reed’s “Mr Gangley’s Three Ring Circus” / Opening Night: Thursday 22 July 2010, 6-8pm / Exhibition Dates: Wed July 21 – August 7 2010 / 3/231 King St Newcastle, NSW 2300 (1st Floor) / Open: Wed – Sat 12-5pm / Mathew Reed presents Mister Gangley’s Three Ring Circus, a series of drawings that give a metaphoric retelling of…
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Sneak Peek

The following is a link to my facebook fan page where I am offering a first sneak peek at my next exhibition/first solo show: Mister Gangley’s Three Ring Circus that will be exhibited at Podspace in Newcastle from late July to early August. The series depicts the life of Mister Gangley from conception to death with the major theme of the series about living life through adversity. Feel free…
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Broadcasting from Melbourne

Well, the plane trip was uber surreal but at least it wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be. Started apartment hunting, went to an open inspection saying 1 room apartment, which turned out to be a granny flat with an installed bed frame that was far too small for my tall. / Graduation went well, but alas a little boring :P Here’s a pic: / Finally, got the internship, apparent…
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Moving to Melbourne

Well, I am flying down this Saturday, and I am freaked and stressed to the max. HA! Never been on a plane before, and I am terrified of heights, also the friend whose couch I am sleeping on until I get my own place, I can’t seem to contact… so pretty worried about not having a place to stay o.o hopefully he will answer the phone tomorrow. / On the plus side I might be getting into a g…
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