Tama Blough

Tama Blough

San Francisco, United States


On the Fritz

Hey all, just letting you know that my computer is in the shop so I only have brief access to things personal at work. Hopefully I will be up and running soon, and I will stop by when I can.

Thanks, and hope life is good!


I Need a New Host or Two

Do you do most of your work in the wee wee hours? If so, I’d love to hand the reins of Insomniacs and Other Night Crawlers over to you. Since I started working, I barely even qualify to be in the group, much less host it, and I am pretty busy with my other groups. Time to let go of one.

It’s not a difficult or large group but you do have to moderate it – the only real rule is that the work states in the description that it was done late at night, or it is an obvious night shot. Amazing thing is how many people do fail to comply.

There are some very cool people in the group, and the artwork is diverse, emotional and interesting. Drop me a bmail if you are interested. I would stay on as Host for a short time while you get up and running.


Inside Solo Host Hullabaloo Reception 1/6

I know I owe a thank you and features journal, but this is more exciting.

I am a member of the Solo Exhibitions group, and the host Fran Moore has set up a separate little forum for group hosts to have their day in the sun. January 6th is my day, so come on over to my reception and check out the work I have chosen, and leave a comment if you want. I think I am also featured in the group that day. You can go look any time – the gallery is up and running.

To see all the host galleries, go here.

Thanks, and Happy New Year to all!

A Few Highlights

I need to start doing this more often. I have had a number of features this month, and have found a few new people to watch.
Acey Thompson has some great drawings and generally pretty interesting work.

Depuis has lovely imaginative pieces that appeal to me.

Dylan Murphy has been here a while but somehow he was not entirely on my radar until recently. I’m slow sometimes…

Feature-wise, I am not going to list them all, but I am always grateful to the hosts of Urban Art and Northern California Style for consistently giving me features. Thanks so much!

I was thrilled to have “Beach Dreams” featured in EMI – The Group

“Weeping Women” had two features, in Statues and Such and Northern California Style.

My most-viewed piece, “Exotic Feather” wa…

C'mon, Make My Day...

Lookee here!

I am thrilled beyond measure for this recognition, especially since with the new job and all I have been hard-pressed to do some of the things I love to do, like finding new talent and helping people get their work seen.

This has boosted my spirit and given me the impetus to keep going and doing what little I can.

Cool beans, yeah??
xoxox to all.

Some Serious Catching Up to Do

Oh, man, I haven’t done a thank-you journal in a month! I promise it won’t be a huge one – because I have been so busy, I haven’t really added much or had many features or challenge placings or any of that stuff.

First, thank you so much to my pal James for honoring me by purchasing my Urban/Industrial/Grunge calendar. xoxox

I haven’t had a lot of time for Scouting or finding new artists. I have handed off some group commitments so have freed myself up a bit to do that. I’ve missed it!

Now, to thank all the hosts who have featured my work this month:
“Transamerica” and “Conservatory of Flowers” in Northern California Style, where I was also made a Featured Member

“Drawing Day Warmup” in If it Doesn’t Belong, whi…

Custom Calendars!!

I now have 3 calendars in my collection and will be adding a fourth soon, but wanted to let you all know that I am happy to create a calendar of any of my images you’d like. Just bmail me with your idea or your specific choices and I will whip it up.


I met a Bubbler!

One of my fellow San Francisco Red Bubble peeps is having a really great show at Saint Mary’s Cathedral (otherwise known as Our Lady of Maytag because of its shape, seen in Andre’s work) and I went to the opening tonight to meet him!

Andre Furlan busted his butt to put on this multi-artist show and the reception, which was done very well. It was really wonderful to meet him and we are going to visit when we are both not as harried. He will be monitoring the show on-site during its run, so anyone in town over the next couple of weeks can come and see it and meet him. More information can be had on his art page and journals.

And I have to say, for a guy running around frantically all day, he also smelled really good.

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