Watson  Mere

Watson Mere

Tallahassee, United States

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I’ve always believed that a portrait captures a person far better than a photograph. It truly takes a human being to really see a human being.

Hello, My name is Watson Mere. I am a male of Haitian descent with no formal education in art, just something I have been doing since the age of two. Since that age I’ve fallen in love with creating art and I consider art my passion and not a skill but instead a GOD given gift that i intend to exercise. Mostly all of my art is created using the Microsoft Paint Platform with no other enhancements.
My art tells a story, some depicting my own lifes loves, struggles, confusions, frustrations, happiness and pains. The African American culture is one forged through oppression.. All of the negative aspects that plague our culture are the result of centuries of oppression and the loves, struggles, confusions, frustrations, happiness and pains that plague the children from once great kingdoms is the story I tell through my art. Follow our journey into a forgotten history. For if you do not know where you came from your path through life is clouded. We our evidence of this theory. These are our stories…
Enjoy the art and GOD bless.

  • Age: 28
  • Joined: June 2010


look out

I wish I could tell my young peers that the satan moves….but they won’t listen…they won’t listen. Know his moves so that u may avoid them.
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I'm Backkkk

I’m backkk. I know i have been really inactive on the site lately but I assure you that I will be fully commited to the site for now on. Releasing more are more photos and even journal entries so that i may release a little bit of whats in my mind to the world. Hope you enjoy and GOD bless
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Art, the last real freedom

Art is the last real freedom human being still truly have. Something that shouldn’t be held by our daily restrictions and walls that overwhelm us in this artificially free world that they have built around us. I believe that art comes from somwhere within a person. Its a visual image of whats going on in the individuals minds transferred from the mind to the hands and onto whatever that per…
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Now outside looking in....

i’ve been off FaceBook for some months now. What I’ve noticed now that I’m looking at it from the the outside looking in i notice that the youth of the world are just trying to be what they see on TV or the computer screen, and not what they were born to be… GOD’s gifts are being diluted in the media’s pool of deception. And tomorrows next Picasso or Beethoven …
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