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Human beings get so bold and sit in judgment of other human beings. It is but God only who executes judgment, not man.

Psalm 75:7 but it is God who executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another.
1 John 3:17 suppose someone sees a brother or sister in need and is able to help him or her. If he does not take pity on them, how can the love of God be in him?

A human being who thinks him/her self above another human being and sits in judgment is taking a huge broad stroke thinking his/her thinking is above another’s. He/she has NEVER walked in the shoes of the other to feel their experiences. Yet the human being sitting in judgment is so blind to think he/she is only capable of knowing any thoughts or feelings (lacks empathy) has the audacity to sit in judgment of anyone.

These humans forget they can only perceive one point of view…their own. They cannot fathom anyone else having feelings which differ from theirs, ideas which differ from theirs, hearts which love different from theirs.

God does not judge as humans do. He sees human beings hearts. He knows each individual and his or her walk. He is a good Master to His servants. He knows the individual as He experiences with each individual their hardships and joys. This is beautiful to know and understand. One is NEVER alone in this world. God is always with you, as I believe true. He knows your experiences.

Do NOT EVER let ANYONE (human) no matter what his or her status in life sit in judgment of YOU. They are false, they are not love, and they are lost to the true meaning of Love. God is so GOOD he gave his only son Jesus for ALL your individual transgressions.

If you are not Christian. God is so Good He knows your heart and will judge by your individual walk. It is not up to me to judge you. Who am I to think I could be so bold. I let my Father lead. He will separate the lambs from the goats to the right and to the left. I have no say nor do I want a say. I live by my faith alone.

God is LOVE.

Matthew 11:29-30
[Jesus said] Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Do not ever be fooled by anyone…He [Jesus] is the REAL light of the world not anyone man/woman.

I am Christian believing in the Holy Trinity (Father, son, spirit). If you have another faith…then believe with all your mind, heart, and soul, have faith in your faith, but NEVER ALLOW ANOTHER HUMAN BEING TO JUDGE YOU.
They are not THE REAL JUDGE.
Only GOD and He is ALL forgiving if you ask.

© 02/14/2011

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Some human beings are such egotistical creatures they forget compassion, love, understanding, kindness, peace, happiness, caring, feeling…beautiful emotions which actually make us human.
Yet some want to sit in judgment of their fellow human brother or sister in denial of their own faults.
This short is a personal opinion:
…not passing judgment against another human being is my personal understanding of what LOVE is…
God knows my heart. He knows me inside and out. I hide nothing from Him as He allows me to come just as I AM before Him.
Peace, love, and joy to All in the world.

LET it BE…
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  • YouBet
    YouBetover 3 years ago

    I have noticed that writes like these of religious convictions go over about like a lead balloon here on the bubble. Oh well. Right? The whole judgment thing is a biggy. No one wants to feel judged / mis-judged. Many have been wounded by religion. My religion was hurting me too. But I never wanted to throw the baby out just cause the bath water was dirty. Playing around here on the bubble, building relationships … sometimes leads to private conversations that are wonderful growing opportunities for me. It’s a stretch to let go of judgments but a very healthy one.

  • A little over 10 people have viewed this; I’ve not placed it in any groups just in my gallery. I don’t know the answers however for me…I believe in The Holies…Father, Son, Holy Counselor. I will not judge… my Father does not ask this of me…I allow Him to lead and have faith no matter where I’am He is with me not to fear but to keep going forward without fear. I don’t have to give up me …He has shown me more than I ever could have imagined on my own. I don’t have religion that’s manmade I have faith. I will not lie and tell anyone it’s been easy. At 49yrs in August I’am just now learning to have boundaries and have a voice for me (with human beings) I’ve always been able to converse with “The Great I Am” my problem has been me with me. I’am learning. (hehehe) Thankyou for searching and finding this…makes me think you want to learn more about me and that makes me feel good.
    Peace love and joy to you always friend

    – MaryMac

  • supernan
    supernanover 3 years ago

    Very good reply it takes some of us a long time to find our voice’s I always say the humbler you are..the nearer to god you are….thanks for shareing this x

  • thankyou, wendy
    reading my opinion about my spirituality and my response you’re a wonderful friend and supporter of me…i very much appreciate your following. i love you!
    i’am a very humbled person and i talk to God on a continuous bases…He knows everything about me as i know nothing can be hidden from Him and i really need His assistance so i trust Him completely and reading about Him and learning more and more i know i’am okay.
    wendy thankyou again for your support it means alot to me
    peace love and happiness always for you and yours
    andrea xo

    – MaryMac

  • highbeam
    highbeamover 3 years ago

    Writing like this one, which comes from the heart… on a personal viewpoint… to the topic of judgement, needs to be extolled and commended. One… it literally opens the heart to be viewed, for all to see, how a person feels about a topic of interest- and this one is one of the heavy weights. This is one of those subjects that could make or break someone to “how” they believe… even what they believe. For me, I see judgement as being up to God but we are human after all. What I mean by this is we all are to exercise discernment, and a result of that discernment should be to “come to our own decisions,” and this is our own judgement. If one is to judge another then it should be from the perspective of… is this the same type of judgement I would use on myself, and if it is not then it would be wrongly applied (my feeling here). Secondly… it also opens up the window for others to be hyper-critical of us for our personal views being expressed. This is when the wolves appear the quickest… those that are fault finders and finger pointers, those people that don’t give a damn about anything but to single their own shame felt and place it on anyone but themselves. For your courage Andrea… I commend you. For your fortitude… I applaud you. It is with great pride, not a selfish pride, I am more than willing to call you my friend and Sister in Christ Jesus. The praise here is due to your dedication to the Spirit of God with which you write of… in praise of His glory, and for His glory in seeking Him in your life. Stay strong Sister.

  • russ you’re so kind for always watching out for me and supporting my writing and my spirituality. you know i have a hard time with confrontation but if defending another humanbeing from someone who is being hateful i will stand up and defend. it is with me i have the problem of defending. i’am learning though.
    i’am truly humbled by your support and i know God lead us to each other for the miracles to occur while putting the group together and things happening while forming the group amazing!!!
    peace love and light always brother
    andrea xo

    – MaryMac

  • TheBrit
    TheBritover 3 years ago

    I have read through your write Andrea! I have to agree with you, it is not up to anyone male or female to judge another!!

    Brit :))

  • i’am happy you’ve read my personal opinion and it’s nice to know
    we share a same belief of not sitting in judgement. although by reading
    your expressions i figured you weren’t a judge of anyone.
    brit, i’am happy we’ve become friends i truly respect your opinion
    and support
    peace love and happiness for you always

    – MaryMac

  • Matty B. Duran
    Matty B. Duranover 3 years ago

    Andrea, you would rather have these people standing in front of God’s Throne, at The White Throne Judgment, for Him to be their Judge, for Him to cast them into The Lake of Fire, burning with brimstone, instead of humbling themselves and crying out to The One True God, instead of cry out now for The Mercy that comes only From Faith in Jesus Christ. Don’t try to twist my words and make me out to be a judge, I am a messenger, who happens to know that millions of True Christians are being martyred overseas for Their testimony and for their Faith in Jesus, and yes, these other faiths that you so glibly tell people to believe in with their whole hearts, minds and souls are the ones murdering The Christians, The Children of God. Right now, a woman named Asia Bibi, a believer from Pakistan is currently under the death penalty for standing up for her faith in Jesus Christ. She has been in prison for two years, for not letting The Name of Jesus Christ be slandered. She could be be-headed any day now. What do you think standing up for The Faith is? We cannot bow our knee to any other except Yeshua, The Lord of Glory. And by saying simply it doesn’t matter what they believe in, is the antithesis of Love. People must be told The Truth, and telling people The Truth is not judging them. God in His Word, says, and continues to say, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER, EXCEPT THROUGH ME!” (John 14:6) Jesus is The Crucified Saviour of The World, and I judge no one when I testify to this.

  • matty,
    my faith is my faith (believing in Him without ever seeing Him) i will meet my creator one-on-one. i don’t profess to have control over anyone except me. i know my Father in heaven has the ability to stop all suffering as He is all seeing and knowing. He has EVERYTHING under control. i will not be forced into feeling something i don’t. i will not be scared into anything.
    as a human being i can visually see scaring or bullying or threatening or anything of the sort does nothing but turn off the communication. Why do you think Jesus had to talk in parables? He stated people don’t understand. We as human beings are on our journeys individually not as a group He will meet with me one-on-one and decide if i am a goat or a lamb. neither you nor anyone human being can take on His judgment. The Lord gave me my soul and my heart…He knows me inside and out. HE DOES. He has been with me before conception and He has felt everything i have and heard every thought i’ve EVER had. My relationship just didn’t start yesterday but a lifetime I’ve been conversing…but just as the scripture states I know longer need milk but meat. I know my relationship grew patterned after the way he created us…first we crawl then we walk then we run.
    Remember the Jews elders in the church the ones who ended up being so jealous of Christ because they felt they knew more about God then God actually were behind the crucifixion. No matty I will stand on my faith and will not convict anyone as I do not hold that power as I am human not GOD. Realize matty the scripture must all come true so rest in that.
    matty we as Christians make up the body of Christ. I am not the whole body nor are you. i rest in my assurance and my personal relationship with Him. He guides me and leads me. What i believe the saddest part of my Christian walk is when one Christian tries to judging another Christian for their beliefs. He knows me matty and i rest in this. i have no control over you or anyone in this life but i do have control over my own actions and this is why i titled this piece my personal opinion this is mine and how i feel. God is in control matty not me. He has the ability to harden a soul or soften a soul. he revealed himself to me and i have a personal relationship with Him. He will judge me matty only Him. He is a loving God and Jesus was a gentle spirit not one who bullies or tries to tell people how to think. The beauty of Christianity is the FREE CHOICE God gives not someone telling me the choice I need to make. He is an AWESOME God matty. He will reveal himself to anyone that is not of my power. Just as Saul whose name was given Paul after being blinded by the light and hearing Jesus ask why do you persecute Me. Paul then transformed in to the prophet who brought the “Good News” to the gentiles (you and me) not man had control over this NO MAN or WOMAN.
    Peace to you matty, always peace.

    – MaryMac

  • Betty Smith_Voce
    Betty Smith_Voceover 3 years ago

    Andrea, as Linda said, Religion is a tough one to ‘do’ in open circuit. I notice that even my spiritual writes are avoided like the plague. People are very touchy about the most sacred… i.e. their belief system.

  • thankyou, betty ")
    i wrote this piece in February of this year not placing in any groups as i know the hardships surrounding “religion”. I’am not a religious person as i believe there are too many manmade rules, which deflect from the message. i’am spiritual as being born again is to be born of the spirit within. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy counselor i read extensively for my personal plight and chose a daily devotional not because someone says i should but because i want to. Placing the title "my personal opinion” and conveying through my personal beliefs should never upset anyone, but unfortunately i’am mistaken in that thought.
    We are all human and will always find fault or flaw in somethings.
    I love all people. I don’t judge anyone nor do i place my personal beliefs on anyone. I’ve always been one who lives in the light for people to know where i stand yet will be criticized either way. Human beings are funnie…none of us is perfect nor will we ever be, however I love people and will always befriend someone regardless of their personal beliefs as long as those beliefs are of a peaceful nature.
    thankyou for commenting, betty.
    you’re a beautiful soul and have made me feel welcome in your presence
    peace love happiness and joy always
    andrea xo

    – MaryMac

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