I have always been interested in photography, but had not been able to really indulge in it til I retired about four years ago.
I still have a lot to learn, and Redbubble is helping me with that.
I especially like nature – oceans and ponds, animals, flowers, and sunrises and sunsets.
I am trying to expand on what I take photos of, and I enjoy looking at all the artwork of people here on Redbubble, and I like being able to get comments from others.

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Happy, Happy!

I recently received a notice that I sold a print! Yay!! This makes 23 total sales so far. I know its not a lot, but it means a lot. Thanks so much to whoever bought it! A wonderful way to start the new year!
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Another Sale!

I just found out that someone bought a poster of one of my photos! / I don’t know who it was, but if you are the purchaser and reading this, THANK YOU very much. / It was and is a wonderful surprise, and made me smile!
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A Fun Start to May!

I was recently notified by Redbubble that I have sold six postcards! Happy, Happy! / I probably won’t be able to retire from the proceeds….but I love the glory!! Heehee! / Thanks so much to whoever bought them….if you are on here – I really appreciate it! / Happy May to all!
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In this month of June I have sold two cards AND a poster! I don’t know who purchased them, but if you are one of the buyers reading this THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I really appreciate it! / It’s quite exciting to hear you’ve made a sale – to me it is, anyway! / One of the cards: / The poster / For some reason, I cannot get the second card to show…..will work on it. / …
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