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Mary Fox

Mary Fox

Camp Hill, United States

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I feel as if I have been an amateur photographer for most of my life, and cannot remember a time when I wasn’t interested in photographs. Happily, I have improved from the time I got my first “Instamatic,”…and now use a Canon 60D, loving every single ring focus and snap of the button.

Simplicity and beauty are what I love in a photograph. I lean towards …..well, everything, from landscapes to candids to macros to street shooting….I like variety.

And, I tend to look at my surroundings as though looking through a lens….does anyone else feel that way?

The inspiration generated by participants in the Red Bubble forum leaves me in total admiration of the talent I see at every turn. It clearly awakens my curiosity, and fills me with an excitement to learn.

So I thank you for sharing your wonderful advice, knowledge and guidance ….what a great way to sift, search and study.

Please respect that my work is copyrighted © All rights reserved.

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