Being creative has always been an important part of my life as it allows me to share how I feel about nature and the world with others through my art.

Photography is a way for me to accept the world as it is, beautiful and exciting.

A BA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois has allowed me to explore many aspects of art and to venture into many fields of business.

I majored in Printmaking (silkscreen,Intaglio,etc) with a minor in ceramics.

I think of myself as a Freelance Eclectic Artist, Jill of most trades. Just love to work and play with different mediums.

I have been taking photos for a few years but just started to really get the hang of it. Still a bit confused on a few things on how to use my Nikon D90. I did purchase a Macro lens last year for a birthday (66) present to myself and having a lot of fun with it. Semi-retired and I just keep going, no time to sit and stare at the walls.

I just love to go out and take photos and come home to see what gifts I have in my camera. Sometimes there is nothing, but then there is a hidden treasure for me to play with.
I have a lot to learn but I think I have a good start.

☆ Please DO NOT copy or download any of my work. There is a copyright on all images under THE HOURGLASS STUDIO.

  • Joined: August 2011