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The world offers endless content in all directions. The eye candy I produce from it, is not only saturated in color, texture, & line but is also designed to make one linger. I want the viewer to spend moments of their precious time salivating, searching & wondering at the visual content before them. The daily reality from which the images are taken (with both 35mm & digital cameras) I blend with filters or photoshop techniques to produce visual complexity.
…..things important to me…in no specific order:
ColOr,TraVeL, rIDIng my bIKE, drInKiNG oUt of GlAss, rhubarb pIE, dRIvIng, uRBan environMENtS, dISc gOLf, bouNCIng suPEr bAllS, mUsEUmS, faMilY, oceAn

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framed flame

color blast sandwiched between glass, suspended in front of an open window, spinning out of control
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pucker plum pie

hairy eyebrows targeted the tart plums somewhat hiding beneath the ceiling but above the linoleum floor. an hour & a half later the palette was transformed
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onion dent

layers peeled back, tears escape
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solid rim

minutes passing on the wings of the fly buzzing in & out of the window linking to the sidewalk cupping corn kernals in its cracks
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