On my art:

Whither can a lover go but to the land of his beloved? and what seeker findeth rest away from his heart’s desire? To the true lover reunion is life, and separation is death. His breast is void of patience and his heart hath no peace. A myriad lives would he forsake to hasten to the abode of his beloved.

Baha’u’lláh 1817-1892

All that we perceive is in a state of movement and constant change yet we yearn to find and comprehend eternal essences in an attempt to reveal the purpose and permanence of our own being. We are like migrants along the way of search ever hopeful of a meaningful reunion, a home coming some day into the loving embrace of a benign creator. the apparent contradiction of an immortal soul forced to dwell for a time in an ephemeral world is a recurring theme in my work. In an ever evolving visual language I strive to explore the relationship between that which is eternal and beyond the changes and chances of this world and so in its essence beyond our grasp and that which exists for a mere brief moment of time.

To speak of these things I combine elements derived from different levels of creation. In my work you can find forms that recall cells and bacteria, atoms and elements, flows of energy, water and blood, you can find plant like forms and flower petals, the wind, the rain, the sea, landscapes and horizons, bird and animal forms, planets and suns in formation. All of these things are interconnected through the force of attraction, all pushing and pulling, coming and going, high and low, near and far, Related to this are other themes concerning the relationship between sacrifice and suffering with the growth of faith and the nobility of the soul of man. Themes of martyrdom and celebration, love and devotion, life after death, return and reunion are present. Transformation of the human heart, quickening of the spirit, acceptance and forgiveness, the baring of our wounds on the path of healing, the transmutation of base materials through the fire into precious metals all speak of the pain and joy of life. How through our senses we understand and perceive and yet by those very senses we are veiled from higher access to the higher reality of things. Like the child in the womb of the mother ( from whom it receives its food and life) is veiled by the wall of the womb to knowledge of the outer world.

Using the freedom of a post-modern environment I call upon a fusion of styles, techniques and approaches to speak of the many layers of reality and perception. I use print techniques such as silk-screen, mono-print and etching along with the discipline of painting, often together with mark-making. repetitive patterns, decorative elements, collage and photography. . In a more recent approach I have been employing electronic and digital devices (pl moblie telephone camera, scanner, printer, computer) in the creation of ‘electrogaphic’ artwork. Yet in so doing I do not merely want to reproduce imagery from the natural world but rather use a language that tries to remain inherently loyal to itself. the discipline of hard edges and inserts are juxtaposed against the organic flow or migration of matter whether gas, liquid or solid. the use of panels, inserts and borders reflects a fascination with the beauty and timeless quality of religious paintings of different cultures whether it be the triptychs of the church or the multiple panels of Chinese and Japanese art and spirituality. Along with calligraphic marks my work has an iconic and religious feel without direct or obvious reference to religious imagery and symbolism. A feel neither of the east nor the west.

Of interest is the expansive beauty of the Great Hungarian Plain. How the sky, its light and atmosphere touch the earth. Particularly at the beginning and close of the day the sky and the earth inform each other of their colours and forms. Distant horizons and long lights and shadows are all important. These times and those of the first rays of light after the storm speak to us of contentment and hope, they allow for medative reflection and an inner hidden migration away from the activity of a frenetic world

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