Hi there, welcome to my profile. I am by training a painter and print-maker. In more recent years I have also been using digital photo-media. Born of Irish descent I grew up in England and I am now living in Hungary with my Hungarian wife and son.

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As an artist and a Bahá’í I try to keep in mind that the heart is a sacred space, the soul a ‘divine mystery’ and the capacity to create an inherent aspect of human reality. A reality that seeks knowledge and is drawn towards beauty.

Martin Woods

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Thank you for featuring so much of my work. I really appreciate it and the fact that this group exists. All the best for the new year! / Martin
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Universal Energies And Dynamic Lands

<p>-<p/> / Creation is the expression of motion. Motion is life. A moving object is a living object whereas that which is motionless and inert is as dead. All created forms are progressive in their planes or kingdoms of existence under the stimulus of the power or spirit of life. The universal energy is dynamic. Nothing is stationary in the material world of outer phenomena or in the …
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The Mortality of Form - The Permanence of the Spirit

<p>_<p/> / All creatures of material organism are limited to an image or form. That is to say, every created material being is possessed of one form. It cannot possess two forms at the same time. For example, a body may be triangular, spherical, square, a hexagon or an octagon, but it is impossible for a given object to be triangular and spherical simultaneously; it cannot possess two…
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Some Information

Solo Exhibitions / 2008 Near and Far, Inner-city Gallery, Szeged / 2007 Distant Horizons, Mórahalom / 1998-2001 / ‘Hidden Migrations’ exhibition: Szombathely Cultural Centre; Hamza Museum, Jászberény; Mora Ferenc Museum Gallery, Szeged, Hungary. / 1992 Healing Prayer, Long Gallery, The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. / Group Art Exhibitions / 2008 HÁM 5th Year Jubilee exhibitio…
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