I am a professional landscape photographer specialising in images of the English Lake District, Scotland, Northern England and the USA.

I sell my work on-line from my website www.martinlawrencephotography.com exhibit in galleries and hold occasional exhibitions in Keswick and the North-West of England.

I supply images for calendars, websites, books, magazines and brochures and contribute to stock libraries.

I have a number of customers who collect my work both framed and on canvas. My love of hill-walking and the outdoors has allowed me to access and capture images of many of the places that people hold close to their hearts. ‘Memories on the wall’ is how I like to describe it.

Recently, I have begun to undertake an increased amount of Commercial work. I find this to be a very interesting and rewarding part of my job as it allows me to get around to other parts of the country that I would not normally visit. Just e-mail me through my website or contact me through Red Bubble if you would like me to take on a commission for you.

My photographic philosophy is to present scenes as close to how they are found in nature as possible. Nature provides a never ending array of changing conditions and I see it as a photographer’s challenge to seek out and record them

For my sins, I am a perfectionist and am convinced that it is a pre-requisite for successful landscape photography. I love my work. The need to be out there in the best places at the best times, coupled with the ability to capture nature’s most dynamic and picturesque scenes, in my opinion makes landscape photography a wonderful lifestyle.

All my images are © Martin Lawrence Photography, all rights reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from ME the photographer is strictly prohibited.

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