To be or not to be (graphic)

Well well well, I find it rather peculiar that the general population finds my drawings too graphic, or rather shocking or rather disgusting, I mean I expected a bit more, isn’t this the saw generation, the blood and gore, the vampire and emo (can’t believe I just wrote that) so eager to cut something up (if you’re trying to commit suicide try it vertical down the veins, start at the elbow and cut down down to the wrist, if you’re slashing horizontal I suggest you shoot yourself). I mean come on, if we want gore we might as well go all the way, no half measures here.So people want to be shocked but not too shocked, I’m confused.But, I’ve got a marvelous idea, how about I go on doing what I do and you keep excercising that gag relfex, cuz if some little drawings will have that effect you’re gonna need all the help you can get in life.

I hope that sounded as condescendent as I intented (now i hope i spelled condescendent right).

I’m perplexed on how some people can react, granted I’m a bit imune to my own stuff since I kinda made it, so duuh , but even so not all of us are made of fairy dust (and I mean the winged things not the dish washer).

That’s all folks.


  • 1073
    1073over 6 years ago

    fuck em, they are rooted in an aesthetic that is a century old. Guess what fols modernism came and shatttered the prexisting canon of beauty that was established in ancient greece.

    people cant deal with it becuase they have their own insecurities and issues.

    just keep doing what you do… its not like you are a graphic designer who is a slave to the consumer…
    as fine artists we enjoy the freedom to express what we will.

    Look up the painter, Francis Bacon… he was considered horrific for his time period and even in this time by some.

    Be proud that people are reacting… getting no reaction, is worse.

  • Andreea 's
    Andreea 'sover 6 years ago

    :)), my thoughts exactly, it’s not even like I’m trying to be creepy, that’s just how it turns out and people take it so personally it’s ridiculous (funny for sure, but ridiculous), I don’t care, fuck ’em all, I plan to bring my corrupted art to the masses, they did inspire it after all.

    Francis Bacon has been a huge influence to me just in proving you can reinterpret art and bring something original despite the general perception.

  • 1073
    1073over 6 years ago


  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 6 years ago

    I say you just keep doing your great work. The weak minded will always react negatively to anything that is not G- rated.

  • absoooluteeely, need to invent a new rating, nfwm, not for the weak minded, ooowooo….weak minded, like that, like they have potential but don’t excercise it too much, i like words :)

    – Andreea 's