“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”
Auguste Rodin

Color, architecture, landscape. The Wyeths (3 generations), Van Gogh, Homer, O’Keefe, Hopper, Hockney, Redfield, Coppedge and Kahn are among my favorites which are varied and wonderful! While nature is a great source of inspiration, what man has created to go hand and hand with nature, is also often beautiful. It’s the blend that I appreciate most.

If you see something that you like, heartfelt comments are much appreciated! Thank you for your view.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”


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what the public sees

I recently gave my name to an art Professor who looked up my sight. I specifically wanted to show him a few works of mine. They were nowhere to be found though I know they are in my portfolio. All he saw were tiny thumbprints of cards and not all of my paintings. Also there were other peoples work on my sight. How do I get in touch with redbubble for assistance?
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Thanks To Redbubble

I would like to say thanks to you for giving me a place to display work, / to chat, to exchange ideas, and all for free. I think we are lucky / to have such a host, and I appreciate the many acquaintances I / have made here. / I’ve gotten to see my work on the homepage, featured in groups, / and there is always someone on and ready to talk because of the / international nature of this &…
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Fern Isabel Coppedge

http://isearch.avg.com/images?s=sideNav&q=fern+isabel+coppedge&pid=avg&sg=0&cid={a122e966-f445-49c4-87f3-ba5888d19c38}&mid=&ds=AVG&coid=&v= / Above is a link to the works of a painter who lived at the turn of the last century and who made a name for herself in th…
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Where does one go to get directions on making a calendar at Redbubble? / I am looking but not finding! / Info would be appreciated!
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