Mark Wade

Mark Wade

El Cajon, United States

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Artistically, I’m a photographer and writer of free verse and song.
My main interest is in creating impressionistic photography, although many times during the work, the approach may change to suit the final image.
Making an image has less to do with a subjective approach in the impression/expressionist forms. Everything is connected and interrelates at one level or another. The blending of color and tones reflects these interrelations. Fine details are but a small part of the story…not the story itself.
When I walk a trail, many times I stop with eyes closed and breathe in the earth’s sensory story. The connections created by this simple exercise helps me build my story(s). This is my motivation, to tell the story between soul and earth.

“Pure Photography” should never be defined by one group, person or doctrine.

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Thanks so much to the Redbubble Curator that chose “Journey Alone” for the 10-29-11 Home Page!

Hey! What a pleasant surprise. My work is part of the RB Home Page. I’m humbled. Thanks!

Sept 28, 2012 Home Page Feature: “WaITING”

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A Video Poem

[Video] / “The Sweetest Walk” / Of all there is / To do this day / In harried world / To hear, to say / None will meet / Nor lead, surpass / The sweetest walk / Of dust and grass / Where swallows meet / Their hallowed ground / To launch and dodge / In flightful bound / These we miss / Children, unaware / Though the young have eyes / The silent fair / Still, we’ll see / In water’s gra…
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Thank you for today’s sale. / Very much appreciated! / An eclectic assortment of cards and one print of “Coronado Morning” / Thanks again…. / It would be nice if we could email a “thank you”…even if it were through RB
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A Song for Moms

I should be embarrassed since I sing so horribly, but I’m not. / It is a song of words and deep meaning for me, I nearly cried like a baby writing it. / But me mum appreciates it…moms are like that. / How far, is it, to the moon? / And from where did I come? / How did I grow inside of you? / Was it magic or a miracle? / Where were you just now, I was lost? / Can you see the rain afar …
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"United Against EBOLA"

A square version of Infinity Lake has been chosen to be included in a book called “United Against Ebola”. It is composed of about 100 images from different artists from around the world. / Proceeds from sales will go to Doctors Without Borders to help combat this disease. / (2) book sizes available here
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