Some normality resumes......until the next time..

Photographers have come under attack in the UK and Worldwide for taking pictures of things such as people, buildings etc and the Police have been using the stop and search powers brought in since 9/11 to “harrass” (for want of a better word) photographers, well today some common sense returns with the European Court of Human Rights rejecting the appeal from the UK Government to appeal a judgement over its stop-and-search powers.

European Court Ruling

So business as usual, charge the battery, insert film or card and get shooting, it is the responsible duty of every photographer to record and document images for future generations to enjoy, whether taken by a professional or an amatuer….think how the Worlds images would be if every image had to be taken by a licensed photographer and the image shared with Governments creating revenue for Governments Worldwide….hmmm…no Redbubble, Flickr, Devianart etc..

Well done to the Human Rights Act and the European Court for seeing common sense…

Regards Mark

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