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World going mad part 123456789

abuse of terror laws continues

Photographers around the world are becoming more of a target for police and security guards abusing their powers under the stop and search system, it is not only highly annoying but illegal in most cases and the future of photography for everyone to enjoy in our hands..

From reading what I’ve seen today some tourists put off coming to the UK because of issues like this and it saddens me and makes me feel ashamed to be British at times, after all we have a sorry state of affairs economy and things like this do not help, and I hope our new government will have a backbone to stop people living in fear and under the watch of big brother, the true facts remains, that terror threat is low, yet other crimes on our streets go on and on under their noses, yet police worry about car parking tickets, litter dropping and us taking legal pictures..

Any tourists that visit our beautiful England and experience any problems please report to the Chief Constable , the contact details will be on the paperwork they provide you and express your feelings in the strongest possible manner, we as individuals and citizens of the world are allowed to carry out our hobby/business in a legal manner without intervention from bullies and yes there are places in the world you can’t take pics, but these places should be marked well to avoid confusion, but on the whole if you can see it shoot it!!! Google street view does with no trouble..

Rant over..

please share if you feel the same..

Regards Mark

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