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I don’t have my entire portfolio of work uploaded, so to see more of what I have to offer, be sure to check out the following link.

Beautiful World Art

About Me

I’m a native of rural Middle Georgia and currently living there again after 10 years in the Metro Atlanta area. I don’t remember the first time I held a camera, but it was only recently that I became truly enamored with this art. That passion to go further developed on the heels of my first international travel in 2004.

I learned the basics in a classroom, but the rest has been picked up as a result of continual practice, the only way to learn any art form. This exercise has been accompanied by observation and discussion with other artists in multiple forums.

For me there is something magical about capturing a single moment and preserving it for others to see and appreciate. When someone has a reaction to my work, that moment of connection makes it worthwhile. I’ve been described by some as a jack of all trades, but photography is the only craft I’ve had the desire to master.The object of my work is to capture the emotion of a moment in a photographic medium.

My principle interest is travel photography, but necessity has required that I exercise my creative needs on more accessible sites. Of special interest has been examples of fading Americana, industrial scenes, rural imagery, and natural landscapes.

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