Mark Ross

Mark Ross

New York, United States

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If you can believe this… my father wanted me to be an artist – a painter. I was schooled early on for it and did become one. Eventually, I took another path. It took me almost forever to come back to myself, to me the artist who didn’t want to be an artist.

Living in New York City with 1 wife and 4 cats. Having left the fine arts arena in order to make a living as a commercial photographer specializing in photographing interiors and architecture, I’ve returned once again to fine arts now having morphed into a photographic artist with a painter’s eye. My work is about both disciplines and probably because of my early formal training in classical music and later as a jazz guitarist, I see the world as creatively ordered and I improvise on that in a lyrical and often quirky way. I’m thematic and ridiculously curious; always looking. Bill Brandt and Harry Callahan were my favorite photographers and Claude Monet and Willem deKooning were my favorite painters. There were many others that shaped my vision just as with other young aspiring artists. “It’s the things I notice that shape my mind.”


Studied and painted at The People’s Art Center/Museum of Modern Art, NYC.
Studied life drawing at the Art Students League, NYC.
Studied fine art and graphic design at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh,PA.
Studied advertising, graphic design & photography at The School of Visual Arts, NYC.
Apprenticed to Harper’s Bazaar, surrealistic fashion photographer William Silano, NYC.
Retired now from working as a professional interiors/architectural photographer having come full circle, returning to my one true love, being the me I was meant to be.

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"The Museum Goers #7 is currently being featured in The "Experimental" group. I've tried adding a link but I'm not certain it will work.

“The Museum Goers #7 is currently being featured in The Experimental” group. I’ve tried adding a link but I’m not certain it will work.
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As luck would have it, "Beach People #5 is there somewhere amongst the featured on today's rb home page

Please don’t consider me a braggart or obnoxious, anything like that because well… I’m really not! But if you joined as many groups as I’ve joined, you too then would have your work highlighted here and there. It’s just a matter of odds that it happens at all!
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One of the "Down" series of photos I've posted here on redbubble has been chosen as the new avatar for the Bird's Eye View group!

Here’s a bubblemail I just received today: It reads as follows: / 400 and counting / Another 100 pictures have been added to our Bird’s Eye View group / so it’s time for a new featured picture. / Mark Ross his photo Down#4 and actually his entire ‘Down’ series is an excelllent example what the Bird’s eye view group is about. Therefore his pic has been chosen to be our avatar for the coming …
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A photograph of mine entitled Midnight Blue has been included amongst the featured in Stillness Speaks

Wee hee! This is like a tonic for the soul! Please take a look at the Stillness Speaks group of featured work. Midnight Blue is somewhere in there amongst the other terrific stuff. Thanks for looking! -Mark :<}
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