Incredibly Frustrated

I am very disappointed in RedBubble, and the people who are here. It’s not that the talent pool needs chlorine. It’s not a lack of interaction with others. It’s not even the images; many of which are very good, many which are typical of art student assignments, and a few that show what photography is all about. Sadly the later is not appreciated here.

I gave up art when I was in high school, because I just could not stand the people who called themselves artists. I did not want to be associated with them in any form or fashion.

They were mostly pompous, know nothings who had a solution for every problem no matter the size, scope or cause. It was always more and bigger government. Beyond that was the disgusting and vile nature of their lives. The complete lack of boundaries. They of course called it being open-minded, which was just a way to justify their lack of morals (boundaries, standards, the Truth).

Looking back, it’s ironic that they applied rules to art, but only to justify the most offensive of works. This of course was done while claiming that anything goes, aka “no rules”.

Much as happened in the contest here, where the message of a photo was completely ignored; art school denizens can only come up with formulaic works that have no ‘life’, or depth. In the place of the meaning or message of the photo was art school measurements of light placement, model emotional display, color, and composition. Seemingly any photo with a prop that could be connected to the US was acceptable to represent the US. Ironically the USA category was the only one that did this.

The photo that won, has generated some heat. It’s also shown that those who are creative live on the fringe of society. In the context of the contest the photo was wholly inappropriate and did not in any way represent America. That of course did not stop the RB people from choosing it, and igniting a firestorm. They knew the photo would generate ‘buzz’; no doubt their plan.

Not sure they thought it through. To say that it’s technical merits made it worthy to make a statement about America, nee to represent America is ridiculous. My guess is they were courting the controversy without understanding the repercussions. Maybe they did not even think that far ahead.

RB is a commercial site, and yet they let their emotions and political leanings get the best of them. Why would you willingly offend what could be, and would be your largest market? Typical of artist types, they just don’t get it.

I have decided that I can not, and will not make money for a site that so hates my country. Too many other sites to choose from to stay with RB.

Many of you will excuse RB and it’s selection. However I submit it is indefensible, short sighted, and a breach of trust. Take a look at all the “winners” and ask yourself which one does not fit. In other words, which one is not like the others. You will pick the USAPHOTOCOMP winner. It stands out like a sore thumb. Not saying it is a poor photograph, just inappropriate.

Sorry if this is not coming across well, it’s late and I am sleepy. The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off.

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