So the world hates us? or Why the pic is offensive

To all the America haters who desperately wish the world hated the US: get a life, get a job, get a clue.

The only people who feel that way toward the US are the narrow minded bigots who hate anyone who won’t fall in lock step with their failed Utopianistic ideas. Even more hate and vitriol is visited upon those who dare to act in defense of Liberty.

Clearly the so-called artistic crowd might, I repeat MIGHT feel that way toward the US. However we only hear from a vocal minority.

Let’s recap the last 2 years. Germany elects a Pro-America leader, France elects a pro-America leader, Australia I believe (2 years ago?) re-elected a pro-America leader. Hmm. I guess the liberal/lefty/Socialist/Communist/workers unite/free (since no one would pay for it)/anti-American fish-wrap and birdcage liner you read didn’t cover any of that? Hell even Canada, who I thought was a lost cause even elected someone with a brain; read pro-America. In everyone one of these elections the “American issue” was prominant.

If the world hates us, then why do you keep getting your head handed to you in elections? Oh and if Bush is so dumb then why can’t you libs/lefties et al defeat him? No doubt you will say that the populace is too stupid to see the truth. Maybe it’s more that they do see it, and you can’t get them to buy into your Utopianistic Communal lunacy. It’s always seemed to me the height of arrogance that the left thinks they are so smart and yet can’t produce anything beyond vacuous hate-art.

Why is that the only place anti-American slogans and Socialism/Communism can win are in Venezuela and Cuba? You know, in rigged elections.

Do artist think or just follow rules and formulas?

It continues to amaze me how “artists” can compose a painting, photo, poem, sculpture, or drawing purely upon the “artistic” rules of compostion and have absolutely no clue about the whole. The myopic view warps the work into dullness and lifelessness, or worse offensiveness; and they don’t even understand why. Essentially they are technicians, not so much artists. Desparately attempting to create a work of art, they ineveitably create an uninspiring example of a classroom assignment. Spike Lee is a good example.

Why is the USA selection so bad?

So why is the USA selection so bad? It’s simple, it is not representative of America in any form. It is merely representative of a radical minority’s view of America. To elevate it to actually representing all that is American is offensive. The photo itself is not the issue, it’s the selection that is offensive.

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