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at work

So here I am sitting in this room alone waiting for something to do. Any moment now someone will come in and my day will be for not. Still I wait…what to do, what to do, what to do? I thought I would write a poem but that isn’t what I feel at the moment. I have done nothing since 7:45 this morning. Oh wait I read the newspaper and went to the john a couple of times. I guess that accounts for something. Anyway it gets pretty boring in this room with no kids to aggravate or annoy. Wait! James just came in as he is not going to go to school to work today. When he doesn’t go he sits in here for an hour or so and then goes to his last class of the day. Oh wait again; Ian just came in for detention. He was written up for not completing his math homework. Not sure if that calls for d…


I am tired and feel like giving up today. I have no patients for kids today. They won’t listen to simple directions, they fight the system every inch ot the way and I just feel like getting up and leaving. I can’t though.

lock down

my school is in a lock down practice drill at the moment. the state police are here and they have dogs with them. It is very real like as there are men on the roof as I hear them walking over our head. Our district is taking safety very serious and I am happy about that.

hard to shake this feeling

Today I re-entered school after hearing, watching in devastation the news about the massacre in Newton, Connecticut. I am in a state of bewilderment to say the least. My heart hurts so badly. Each time I think about it my eyes tear and I cry. I work with students in education and I cannot tell you the impact this has on me. I walked in the building today with state police outside waiting for the school buses to arrive. We are basically on lock down. My door is closed and locked, yet my heart still hurts.
I just don’t understand how anyone could take children’s lives. To all the families that lost their children, and teacher’s families that lost their loved ones trying to protect the children and to the children that lived through this nightmare I hope there is some comfort somewh…


this weekend a young girl from my school commited suicide. No warning. Please watch over our children and help them get through the tough times. Let them know that tomorrow brings hope.


I happen to like spiders. I think of them as good luck. I will not kill one ever. I came to work on friday to see a spider on my wall next to my desk. I let him do his thing. This morning, Monday, he is now on my desk walking around. he hides under my paper work at times. I googled spiders and find out that they are considered lucky. Unlucky if you kill one. So with that said I should have good luck today.

a quote

Sometimes it is necessary to go a long way out of your way in order to come back a shorter distance correctly

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