Six Word Stories

I have taken quite a liking to these beasties.

I had never heard of them prior to joining Red Bubble but find them increasingly fascinating.

They seem to me very similar to Japanese Haiku, in which I have dabbled for some years. There is something to be said for the story telling skills that emerge when one’s words are severely limited.

I think that is a western thing, we use too many words (just like me now), perhaps more than we need to. More is better. Maybe not.

The Japanese are fantastic at minimalisation in almost every aspect of their lives and I particularly admire this. Haiku has a clean and pure sense to it somewhat like the clean and pure taste you notice when you eat fresh sashimi (does this make sense?…it does to me).

I’m not sure whether six word stories are meant to be image based like Haiku, though the impression I get is that they are not. (Thoughts please).

Not surprising that so many photographers on this site are drawn to six word stories and similar. They are not unlike putting three images side by side to tell a story….kind of a verbal triptych….

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