My name is Mark Omlor. I am an aspiring graphic designer from Columbus, Ohio. My pride and joy is the t-shirt company that I operate on the Internet. And every day, I work hard to promote it with the hope of gaining more attention. I want to make this company the foundation of my career. But for now, I am just trying to get noticed. I have been told that if you want success as much you want to breathe, then success will be yours. It is the one piece of solace I carry with me when business is not going well. And with low profit margins, lack of funds for advertising, and a currently small market, this has been the case for the majority of my company’s tenure. I know I have the tools and talent to be successful, but it feels like there is a barrier that prevents me from becoming the successful person I strive to be. On top of that, I feel that my college education is only a supplement to my arsenal of talent. Several artists, musicians, and athletes rose to fame during their late teens and early twenties, so why not a t-shirt brand? My name is Mark Omlor; and for now, I am searching for the solution to that question.

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Summer 2013 Collection

I am very excited to announce that there are only 13 days until the Summer 2013 Collection releases! This will be the best collection I have ever released: 10 shirts, 5 iPhone cases, and countless stickers. June 3rd is going to be an exciting day.
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