There is a link to your page in my book

Tomorrow i will pubblish the book about Lene. All of you helped me a lot and still doing it.
I thought it would be very nice to “pay it forward” each one of you has a link at the final index page in the book, each group has a link as well in the final index.
When it comes to love is alwayse beutiful, i just thank you all for your help, so i hope, you will not mind my tribute to you and your wonderfu images and comments and stories and groups. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

My roots

i will not be denied by my roots, am the son of men and i don’t pray the God of men, i grew up in the city of light where the ocean is our daily meal and Volcano is our daily threat, how can i denied my-self ?

My Neapolitan blues

I say: i am here, getting drunk, but what can i do , the wine runs but sooner or later will be over, i will smile with a tear, but i do it on my own, and doesn’t matter if it is wrong or right, i feel the war in my veins, the world? who cares.
I say: I am here and sadness is moving away from me, i will move touching the love i don’t have,fear is moving far, if i fall in sleep in the ground don’t wake me up, i need my time to fix all this mess around me, please let me sleep for a while, i know i am wrong, but today i feel the war in my veins, about the world? who cares