Writing in the sky


Yet they are just words…

Dear Lene…..

Politicians are more and more comedians and comedians are more and more dramatic

these days

Well, maybe just because I chose to be a loser to love you better

Seasons of love

…..my spring, sweet spring brings flowers and kisses to the flower i love si much with red red red hair

Another day

….If my days are calling me i answer listlessly as a smile in my mirror fading in the flare, i asked to a bottle of wine about my li…

Call it as you better prefer

Tonight another sun is coloring my dusk, it could be the orange, could be the red…..

My fears in dusguise

It is 5,55 you died six months ago and I made my writing…

Death has a scent

There is no difference when death ask for “her” tribute…..in my soul death is the one who crashed Lene’s toy in pieces on the ground.

3 pieces of gold

There is a street in the heart of Rome where love is the only truth.Right here, in the middle of universe where you are my only love

I wonder.

I couldn’t believe it, I asked to the Pope, and to the Buddha and then to the Allah and to Jesus Christ “hey man could you tell me what’s t…

Naples is..

Naples is the land of thousands colours, Naples is the land of thousands fears, but is also the voice of thousands children rising slowly f…

Dear friend I’m writing you to put my feet up a b…

Canadians would like to be Americans and Americans would prefer to be English but after the disaster in the gulf of Mexico there are no Eng…

Today my heart is broken.

I will protect you from all the fears; I will overtake gravitational currents to supply your eternal childhood.

The beauty of Lene.

The beauty of Lene was that she knew she could get anything from me, but she never did.

Parallel universe.

I know I will, there are many dangers hidden in the shadows, hidden in an unknown world but I will walk there and come back here.She will g…

Thoughts of folly

I see the world running by the canal – but this is the see and that was the river – I touched her last night – her little fingers were so…

All the things that she gave me.

She gave me her scent to comfort my hours she gave me a wristwatch to count my years in love She gave me her life

Please come home!

Etna is spitting out incandescent stream of lava and I know a restaurant right in front of it, in Stromboli Island, we will eat good fish o…

Exit 18 to Milan

drunk as a skunk I picked up a fight to hurt me-self, blood tearing down as a waterfall in springtime, leaves are brown

Hundreds degrees in New York!

I will write her a postcard and I will mail it to paradise, no matter where she will be, my deep love will make her happy. / I will post th…


Can anybody tell me what’s the colour of the sky up there in paradise? / I don’t know.

One day!

here the fight is harder, punches in my stomach I have to rub it in and try harder……

My little princess

My little princess call me everyday, no phone need to dream with me, she touch me with her smile…….

Logic and illusions

Life can lead us to the dark sides, we can take the wrong turn and get lost in this universe, but I wasn’t aspect such a tragedy.

20 minutes later

Life has no mercy for people like me / i know you are up in heaven looking down on me / lost souls forgotten wondering in this road / they…

Lene is a little girl

Lene is a little girl, with desire to live; she is able to turn any boring situation, place or day into a joyful playground to rescue me fr…

Walking in Madison Avenue.

life is synchronicity, how did I know that Frankie Valli “with the Y” lost her daughter when she was 22 years old?

The funeral.

This is the day I never wished to leave, this is the day I lost my innocence, this is the day Lene will touch the ground forever this is th…

The night before the funeral.

…..strangely the sleeping pills didn’t have any side effects on me. / I have to leave! / Lene is keeping her promise.She is pr…

Third day

Apparently not even death can keep her away from her daddy. / I think: “is she here” / An ocean of sadness in my bones…..

Second day

…..besides now my only need is running down to the morgue and see her again, I pretend she is sleeping and I kiss her. / But, she i…

52 days

“If my faith is as strong as my love for her she will be alive.”
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