Happy holidays to all my friends !

I would like to wish you all my redbubble friends ,in this journal ,
a happy new year
I use this way to begin with ,because ive had enormous computer ’s troubles
and couldnt write to each of you as i wished to ….well, you know the deal !
Forgive me , i will come back after celebrations .

New year is a human concept and universe , even our Earth dont care for this human time
but , its a time when most of humans express wishes ,make up their mind and decide to be better to others and to themselves
time when they hope to fulfill their dream …
Whatever you are dreaming of , whatever desire , i hope you will reach it in 2010
and i hope that , together , humans will really care for Earth and help nature to heal and survive , lets keep this world wonderful and lets deserve to be part it !
i hope that together , humans will act for peace and we all can do something
many little things all together make a great thing

I appreciated so much your wonderful friendship , your kind comments ,
appreciated so much groups membership , and their wonderful hosts
Thank you all for your kind comments and featuring my works !!made me so happy :)

I think that ,we artists , are blessed and have the chance to create and this give us more strength and happyness , that enlightens our lives

With love


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