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Six years ago, I decided to move from a consulting career where patterns of organization design and behaviour were my subjects. I moved into the artistic realm where I explore visual patterns of lines and shapes in the garden, in landscapes, and in the macro world of flowers, plants and nature. These images are contained in Portfolios such as Marvelling the Mushroom, Flowerography and Garden Explorations. They focus on the delicate beauty of the floral, garden and natural realm – in their petals, seeds, leaves, stems and bark, and in the compositional beauty of gardens.

In the urban world, I create abstract images from the scratches, bumps, and bruises in the environment. This is where peeling paint, rust and decay blossom into new forms to create the Urban Extractions Series and Whimsy in Rust. These are abstract images that are fascinating of themselves and because of their origin.

August 2012 Juried Invitational Exhibition

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Ferns and Mosses Colour Challenge - Please vote June 12

Hi everyone, / Our Ferns and Mosses Group Colour Challenge is open for voting. We would like to encourage you to vote in the Challenge with this easy Hop over / Thanks for all the support! / Marilyn
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What am I doing here...

I just looked at what Redbubble has found …I clicked on a beautiful image of a Koi, and everything in the first portfolio viewing has safe filter on – in fact only a few images are viewable. / Isn’t that a treat from redbubble letting me know what to follow. / Makes me wonder…what do you wonder about?
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Thanks for the Sale

I appreciate the sale of a card this week. It’s one of the images in the Marvelling the Mushroom Series and is a favourite of mine. / Thanks so much. / I Choose Vanilla / by Marilyn Cornwell
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All Glorious Gardens Challenge - Please vote - less than 24 hours left!

I really enjoy it when there are lots of votes mounting up until the challenge time is up! / So for me, it would be wonderful for more votes to come in on the challenge in All Glorious Gardens. The images are worth it – eye-popping means eye-stopping so it’s fun to page through and vote. / Hop over / and see what I mean about ‘eye-popping’. / All my best, / Marilyn
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