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I am drawn to shapes and patterns in the natural world. I explore these visual patterns in gardens, in landscapes, and in the macro world of flowers, plants and nature. You can see them in Marvelling the Mushroom, Flowerography and Garden Explorations. They focus on the delicate beauty of the floral, garden and natural realm – in their petals, seeds, leaves, stems and bark, and in the compositional beauty of gardens.

I do the same in the urban world where I find abstract images in the scratches, bumps, and bruises in the environment. This is where peeling paint, rust and decay blossom into new forms to create the Urban Extractions Series and Whimsy in Rust.

  • Joined: October 2009


Surfaces & Textures - Features on the theme of "ABOUT"

Surfaces & Textures has new features up on October 6th 2015 and explore the topic of what is a surface about. Features here. / For me this group continues my exploration of what it is to be ‘about’ something rather than ‘of’ something. My experience in photography began in 2007, and I took photography courses at Toronto’s downtown university’s photography …
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All Glorious Gardens - The Living Art

Hi everyone, / The All Glorious Gardens Features are up this week, and this post encourages you to hop over and take a look HERE. / Gardens are a living art form of themselves. Photography brings an additional set of artistic elements. These can enhance and intensify the garden’s story. / All Glorious Gardens is a group about the art of garden photography. I hope you find it of interest…
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Why so little interest in Redbubble's top groups?

I posted this a week ago and find there have been few comments. Perhaps hosts who consider their groups to be popular and active would let me know. / I’d just gone through and eliminated my membership in groups that are inactive, abandoned and dead. / To find out this information go to Elaine Teague’s Post and please favourite it to get it out to the community and to acknowledge her …
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Those Who Inspire at Redbubble

Has being on RB and being a member or host of a group changed you, opened your eyes to something new, inspired you to try something different and take risks? / Let me know about your good experiences here. I find the community here is engaged and energetic and that you likely have favourite artists to mention here. / A wonderful artist here who has inspired me is Kathie Nichols. It is her Urban…
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