The art of a compliment...

Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to a “Compliment”. I’ve noticed that they are often masked by a dig or clever twist of the tongue.

People think I frivolously throw compliments around, but I beg to differ. When something catches my eye, I make it a point to compliment the owner of the object that caught me.

I don’t tease them with a put down. I simply say, “That color blue really looks nice on you”
That’s it. Simple & to the point.

……Then again people often think I’m trying to pick them up too.
I need to work on my technique. :)


  • Jean Gregory  Evans
    Jean Gregory ...over 1 year ago

    I love to give compliments and get a smile. … Maybe those people just want you to be trying to pick them up. :)

  • So do I. sometimes it’s a challenge with some people.

    – marilittlebird